Is Rs. 29,999 Priced Google Pixel 4a Specs Good Enough to take on OnePlus Nord, iPhone SE in India?


    Google Pixel 4a specs: It’s not a secret anymore. Nearly two months after the launch in the US and UK, Google has *finally* launched its Pixel 4a in India for a price of Rs. 29,999. Considering this is the only Pixel that is going to be launched in India this year (sorry folks, no Pixel 5 for India), so, how does the Pixel 4a specs fare against the mid-range smartphones from Apple and OnePlus — iPhone SE and OnePlus Nord?

    Google Steps into Mid-Range Smartphone Market with the Pixel 4a

    Pixel 4a
    Source: Google (Pixel 4a Specs)

    Starting with the front, the Google Pixel 4a boasts a 5.8-inch Full HD+ OLED screen with an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. The size of the phone sits right in between the iPhone SE and OnePlus Nord, though giving a much larger screen than the iPhone SE. Without dwelling into technical specifications, the main difference between the OnePlus Nord and the Pixel 4a is the different SoCs inside the smartphones.

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    Pixel 4a specs

    Google Pixel 4a Specs

    Google has used the good old Snapdragon 730G in the Pixel 4a, while OnePlus sticks with Snapdragon 765G in the Nord. To be really honest, there are no major differences between both the chips when comparing on paper. Some even rate 730G higher than the 765G. 730G is an octa-core chipset that has two 2.2GHz cores and six 1.8GHz cores, while the 765G has one 2.4GHz core, one 2.2GHz core, and six 1.8GHz core.

    Pixel 4a specs

    One of the key differences in the chip is that the Snapdragon 765G chip supports 5G network. While that day is a bit far from India, if you plan to use the smartphone for upwards of four years, this might affect your decision. While the Nord’s Snapdragon 765G might boast of 5G support, Pixel 4a bundles in its Titan M chip, that Google, claims, enhances the security of a Pixel device.

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    Pixel 4a Specs vs iPhone SE

    Well, we can’t really comment on the camera performance of the smartphone without really using it, but going with the solid respect Google’s built for its Pixel cameras, you surely won’t be disappointed with the camera performance of the Pixel 4a. iPhone SE’s camera’s performance was quite lauded in the tech community when it came out, some even compared it to Apple’s latest flagship. OnePlus, following its trend of improving the camera after the launch, has done it again.

    Coming to the software optimization and updates, Apple and Google have always led this when comparing to OnePlus. Though OnePlus says the Nord will be supported (in terms of Android updates), for three years, chances are high that it will be updated to Android 12 (when it comes out) later in the cycle. While you can rely on Google and Apple pushing software updates on the day of releases.

    Well, we’ll cover the device in depth once we get our hands on it (and for the people waiting for a comparison to OnePlus Nord, we’ll do that as well).

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