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    FINGERS: Brand Launches Six Unique Digital Accessories

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    Dynamic Conglomerate, a company founded by IT veterans, launched its electronics brand “FINGERS.” With its focus on quality products, FINGERS as a brand is aiming to be India’s No. 1 digital accessory brand in the next three years.

    Speaking at the launch, Mr Sandeep S Parasrampuria, Founder and CEO of Dynamic Conglomerate said, “FINGERS will bring a new wave of innovation to the digital accessories space in India. Easy to use, the latest in technology and keeping up with trends worldwide will drive us to present a range that should be exciting as well as meeting the needs of Indian consumers. We endeavour to create benchmarks for performance in our range of products. With 6 first timers in India and out of that 3 being first in the World gives us a beginning we are happy to have.”

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    The following products were launched on Monday:

    1. FINGERS Resonance

    These are wireless in-ear Bluetooth earphones with 3D resonance technology. They offer a playback time of 15 hours and are heavy on bass. It’s a game changer for music enthusiasts, cinephiles, and phone gamers.

    FINGERS resonance earphones with 3D resonance technology

    2. FINGERS Chic BT5

    These are India’s first fast-charging Bluetooth in-ear headphones that provide a playback time of 2 hours in just 5 minutes of charge time. On a full charge, it provides up to 9 hours of playback.

    FINGERS chic BT5

    3. FINGERS Sugar-n-Spice

    Sugar-n-Spice is a full function headset with Bluetooth, FM, Micro-SD, an Aux output and high-level sound quality. These on-ear headphones have contrasting ear-cups and provide great bass.

    FINGERS Sugar-n-Spiceare are on-ear headphones that provide great bass.
    FINGERS Sugar-n-Spice are on-ear headphones that provide great bass.

    4. Sound-N-Touch Glow M3

    Sound-N-Touch Glow M3 is a charging cord that supports fast charging. It glows at the sense of sound or touch. Quite exciting, isn’t it?

    The Sound-n-Touch Glow M3

    5. Comfy MusiTalk

    Made for those who love to talk non-stop, this compact companion offers 13 hours of talk time. It comes with a rotating design that makes it easily wearable on either ear. With the comfort of a Mono Bluetooth headset, you can talk for hours.

    Comfy MusiTalk provides up to 13 hours of talk time.
    Comfy MusiTalk provides up to 13 hours of talk time.

    6. FINGERS Knockout

    Last but not least, we have a portable speaker. Bundled with a wireless Mic, you can turn it into a Karaoke system in no time. It has 9 pre-recorded songs and lets you record up to 140 seconds and playback. As a full-function party speaker, you can choose between FM, USB, and AUX modes. It also offers True Wireless Stereo (TWS) which enables you to connect 2 of them.

    The FINGERS Knockout is a powerful speaker that can be used for parties or even otherwise!
    The FINGERS Knockout is a powerful speaker that can be used for parties or even otherwise!

    One last thing, why the name?

    Mr Parasrampuria stated that in the now, people consume digital technology with their fingers by touching, feeling, carrying and playing with their gadgets. They’re the primary connection between technology and the human mind.

    With this, FINGERS hopes to remain synonymous with “A New Language of Technology” and possibly, be a game changer in the digital accessories market.

    Interested in more? Click here for exciting updates!

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