AMD’s Lisa Su Named One of The World’s Best CEOs

    AMD Radeon 610 Series

    According to Barron’s, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su is one of the world’s best CEOs. In its ranking, Barron’s places Lisa Su straight up against the giants such as Jeff Bezos and Satya Nadella from Amazon and Microsoft respectively.

    Dr. Su has been a prominent figure for AMD for the last 5 years and continues to deliver better CPUs and GPUs and create a better relationship with the hardware vendors, one example being the latest X570 motherboards placed on top of the stacks by MSI and ASUS. Apart from the new motherboard lineup, the AMD CEO at Computex 2019 also announced several new products among which, the Zen 2 architecture based 3rd Gen Ryzen series processors stole the show. She also gave bold claims as to AMD being a genuine threat to Intel after a decade of dominance in the CPU market.

    AMD Ryzen

    On the GPU side of things, AMD recently announced its RX 5700 XT which apparently skipped hardware level raytracing but will support it on the software level, akin to the GTX 10 series graphics cards. AMD is also trying to leap ahead with its server processors aka the EPYC Rome CPU to compete against Intel’s datacenter Xeon processors. Furthermore, according to the word on the street, AMD is also working on a 64 core Threadripper processor which will “rip” Intel HEDT offerings apart. Dr. Lisa Su’s leadership has given AMD a new direction and the company is putting some serious pressure over Intel with its new lineup of products.

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