Fantasy Versus: Assemble the Chibis!


    If one would have to summarise Fantasy Versus in a sentence, it would be something like: “Chibi characters clashing with other chibis in a battle for supremacy”. All things considered, that’s the most apt description for this game, since nothing else really happens.

    As described by the developers, Fantasy Versus is an RPG that primarily focuses on fast paced multiplayer battles. Players are given a selection of 13 characters to choose from, each with its own unique skill set, as well as six empty slots: two for items and four for equipment. However, before commencing to the multiplayer stage, a single player mode exists, which includes 13 missions (or campaigns), which familiarises the player with the characters.
    Fantasy VersusPlayers start off with a default character, and are allowed to unlock subsequent ones by completing the campaigns and earning “Honor”, which acts as the in-game currency and allows the purchase of characters, equipment and items. “Honor” also serves as “ranking” of the player of sorts, where the amount of Honor results in a certain title, which unlocks conditional items, as well as granting the player benefits, or in later stages, stipulations for maintaining the title.

    The characters occupy unique classes, ranging from “Farmer” and “Hunter”, to more popular ones such as the “Elven Warrior” and even including some unique to the game, like “Witch Eye”. Each character comes with its own special ability, as well as move sets which range from 4 to 8 in number.

    Fantasy VersusAfter the single player campaigns, players can then proceed to the multiplayer mode, which involves 4 vs 4 battles against other players in a short time frame.

    And….that’s pretty much it. Fantasy Versus is a rather simplistic game at its core, with no solid storyline to keep the single player campaigns interesting. Each campaign only contains a small information blurb, but nothing else. The lack of plot makes for a rather bland single player experience and amounts to no more than an extensive tutorial, which drastically reduces the replayability factor of the campaigns. The characters themselves are rather easy to unlock and level up, so there’s no challenge to pursue as the AI characters aren’t difficult to beat. Additionally, the variety of equipment and items is on the lesser side.

    Fantasy Versus

    The single player mode lacks appeal, which is understandable, since Animu Game did emphasise that this was to be a game focused on multiplayer. However, these multiplayer battles are quite difficult to come by, as the game lacks a large community of players and offers a limited number of servers, which more than often leaves the player alone in a lobby. Additionally, the window of opportunity to engage in multiplayer battles occurs at very specific time periods. The battles themselves are entertaining, however certain classes are quite unbalanced.

    The gameplay is not complex, making it easily accessible to inexperienced players, and the graphics are quite endearing. The maps are well designed, as are the landscapes, and give the game a medieval-esque atmosphere. This is complemented by the delightful soundtrack, which fits quite well with the game’s nature.

    At best, Fantasy Versus is aimed at those seeking a casual experience. Players looking for a captivating RPG will have to search elsewhere.

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