AMD Confirms Flagship Exynos Chipset with RDNA 2 Graphics Architecture – Coming Later This Year

    AMD Samsung Computex 2021

    Earlier this year, Samsung confirmed that it collaborated with AMD to bring a new Exynos processor with AMD’s graphics prowess. However, we didn’t have any timeline, but few reports suggested that the launch in the second half of 2021. Now AMD’ CEO, Dr Lisa Su, has confirmed the same.

    Exynos Chipset with AMD RDNA2 Graphics – Ray Tracing and Variable Rate Shading Coming to Your Nearest Samsung Smartphone

    During Computex 2021, AMD’ CEO, Dr Lisa Su, confirmed that the company’s RDNA2 graphics architecture is coming to an upcoming Exynos processor later this year. The RDNA 2 is the latest graphics architecture from AMD, and it has been only previously seen on AMD’s 6000 series graphics cards, PS5, and the Xbox Series X and Series S.

    The RDNA 2 based GPU will bring features like ray tracing and variable rate shading to the next Exynos SoC. Moreover, it will offer higher fidelity graphics and enhanced power efficiency.

    “AMD has partnered with industry leader Samsung for several years to accelerate graphics innovation in the mobile market, and we are happy to announce that we will bring custom graphics IP (Intellectual Property) to Samsung’s next flagship mobile SoC (System on Chip) with ray tracing and variable rate shading capabilities,” said Dr Lisa Su during AMD’s Computex 2021 keynote. 

    The details on this SoC are said to be revealed by Samsung later this year. As far as rumours are concerned, the new SoC dubbed Exynos 2200 would be used to power both PCs and mobile phones. The Exynos 2200 will be competing against the likes of the Apple M1 chip and Snapdragon Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 chipset. The third-gen Snapdragon Snapdragon 8cx chipset is also rumoured to be coming out soon, but there’s no confirmation from Qualcomm yet.

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