Domino’s India Data Breach Update: Hacker Leaks Customer Data

Domino’s, the popular American pizza chain, has run into a mess after 13TB worth of customer’s data containing 180M orders and 1M credit cards being held up for a 10 Bitcoin ransom. However, the latest reports have stated that the data has recently been made public by the hacker.

Domino’s Hack — Vital Customer Information Already Public on Dark Web

The data breach that was recently reported has affected million’s of users who have at any point of time-ordered at Domino’s. According to security researchers, data attached to over 18 crore orders placed at Domino’s India has become public on a search engine on the Dark Web.

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13TB worth of data, consists of customer’s name, email, mobile number, GPS location, etc. This information was brought into the limelight by cybersecurity expert and researchers Rajshekhar Rajaharia, who also mentioned that people who have access to this could easily spy on customers by checking their location, date, and time.

Domino's India delivers across multiple stores in major cities and accepts tons of order online.
Domino’s India delivers across multiple stores in major cities and accepts tons of order online.

Jubliant Foodworks, the parent company to Domino’s, when contacted by the Mint, acknowledged the data breach but persisted that the financial details of the customers remain safe. Jubliant Foodworks also said that this security threat has not led to any operational or business impact.

“Our team of experts is investigating the matter, and we have taken necessary actions to contain the incident,” a company spokesperson at Jubliant Foodworks said.

Domino’s Hacker Earlier Hacked MobiKwik Last Month

Anton Gal, a security researcher and Chief Technology Officer of the cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock, earlier disclosed the seller is demanding 10BTC, approximately $570,000, for the entire 13TB database. Alongside the customer info, the hacker also has access to 250 odd employee information from various departments such as IT, Legal, Finance, etc.

Domino's hacker breached MobiKwik last month, exposing data of 3.5M users.
Domino’s hacker breached MobiKwik last month, exposing data of 3.5M users.

Rajashekhar Rajaharia had also pointed out to the Business Insider that this is the same hacker who hacked MobiKwik last month. The hacker had sold that database to a reseller who has now posted it on the Dark Web. So we now know that the fate of Domino’s hack is the same, as the data has already been made public.

Multiple agencies have pointed out that the Indian companies are on the target list of many Chinese hackers. Last month’s MobiKwik hack exposed data of 3.5M users. Before that, BigBasket, Juspay and Unacademy were also attacked.

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