DLSS to Make Raytracing Possible in BFV with RTX 2060 at 1440p,60FPS

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Battlefield V was one of the first games to incorporate Ray Tracing and was used by almost everyone to test out the RT performance of NVIDIA’s new Turing based RTX cards’ performance. Now, Battlefield V will be receiving a new patch very soon from EA and DICE which will also integrate DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) support into the game. Including another graphical feature to the game is expected to lower the performance, but in reality, it resulted in the exact opposite. The performance actually improved with both Ray Tracing and DLSS “on” as compared to when only Ray Tracing is enabled.


NVIDIA tested the early builds of the game with the GeForce RTX 2060 to find the performance with both Deep Learning Super Sampling and Ray Tracing enabled simultaneously. The testing was done on the Arras multiplayer map and the results are astounding.

RTX 2060

These are the results that NVIDIA published:

  • Battlefield V: RT off – 90FPS
  • Battlefield V: RT on + DLSS off – 65FPS
  • Battlefield V: RT on + DLSS on – 88FPS
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It can be clearly seen that with RT + DLSS enabled together, there is a drastic performance improvement. The performance becomes almost equal to how it performs with Ray Tracing disabled. After looking at these stats, running Battlefield V with both RT and DLSS enabled seems like a no brainer once the patch is released as it only improves the performance along with the overall experience of the game.


This is one of the most astonishing features of the Turing Architecture. Enabling DLSS along with real-time ray tracing to improve the performance is an achievement and it just shows how much NVIDIA has worked on this technology.

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