Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset Review


    CORSAIR is a household name when it comes to peripherals. The latest headphones by CORSAIR are a part of the conventional HS series, as opposed to the funky-looking VOID series. HS70 is the company’s newest high end wireless headphones which offer 7.1 surround sound at a reasonable price of $99.99 only. It is compatible with most devices with a USB port, including smartphones, PCs as well as Sony’s PS4 console.

    HS70 : The Build, Design and Features

    The ear cups are “over ear” and are more oval in shape than the headphones in the VOID series, which are primarily trapezoidal. HS70 has a sturdy design, which feels solid, and not clumsy, which is the case with most over-ear headsets. The structure is mostly made of metal, and the plastic used is of good quality. The headband is comprised of a metal band that is covered with stitched padding. The headphones weigh 330 grams without the mic and 339 grams with it. Overall, they’re super-comfortable.

    The power button is on the right ear cup, and everything else on the left one. The controls on the left ear cup include: a scroll wheel for adjusting the volume, charging port, LED for indicating battery levels,  1/8-inch jack for the removable microphone arm and a button for switching the mic on or off.

    HS70 by Corsair

    The positioning of majority of controls on the left ear-cup was a smart move since the right hand is usually occupied with the mouse, unless of course, you are left-handed, in which case you can wear it the other way round, no biggie. HS70 is completely wireless and the 2.4Ghz wireless connection is achieved with a USB dongle that plugs into your computer or PS4. You can even use an OTG cable to plug it to your phone, if you play games on your phone or if you just feel like listening to a bit of music.

    CORSAIR HS70: Performance and Sound

    One can expect most gaming headphones to be all about that bass and no treble. However, the Corsair HS70 is a cut above the rest in that aspect. It balances the treble as well as the bass. The Neodymium audio drivers are precision tuned at 50 mm, which gives the sound quality its greatness and balance. In the next paragraph we will be getting a little technical, but not too much, so hold on!

    The bass, although not overpowering, is well defined. If you’re playing an action-packed game, expect to catch the littlest detail in every explosion or punch through the headset. The treble on the other hand has some extra Sibilance with it. If you’re not a sound junkie, this is not a problem at all. And in case you are, there’s nothing to worry, as settings can be changed through the iCUE software.

    HS70 by Corsair

    The EQ feature is only available with PC, so it cannot be fixed on a PS4 or mobile. Also, one of the major drawbacks is the fact that the software is only Windows compatible. The 7.1 surround sound option can also be enabled from there. The 7.1 surround sound works  beautifully with this headphones. It feels as if you’re sitting in a theater. The change is noticeable, and isn’t just namesake.

    The mic has no issues at all. The arm takes a firm push to insert into the port and then it sits snug over there. It is easily adjustable and is extremely maneuverable. Optimized unidirectional Microphone reduces ambient noise for enhanced voice quality. The quality of voice recording is incredible. The sound of breaths are caught but there’s no extra bass, which is usually the case with all headsets. The clarity of recorded sound is crystal and sharp.

    HS70 by Corsair

    The battery life is a staggering 16 hours, and can be fully charged in 1.5 hours. The LED on the left ear cup is a clear indicator of battery level of the headset

    The wireless connectivity is perfect and there is zero latency in proximity. The signal extends upto 40 feet according to the company, but during our tests, we found skipping and glitches too. There was no problem upto 15 feet, but after that, there is disturbance in the signal. If you’re using this headset with a phone with OTG, keeping the phone in your pocket will lead to blips and skips too. 

    CORSAIR HS70: The Software

    As we mentioned earlier in the article, the Software is compatible with only windows and nothing else. So if you want to switch on the 7.1 surround sound in your PS4, nuh-uh, you can’t. Forget PS4, if you wanna control the sound using EQ on your linux OS, nada, you can’t. But without a doubt, the software is easy to use. 

    HS70 by Corsair
    The equalizer

    The side-tone can be enabled from the software too. It also displays the battery percentage. The software front-end is beautifully designed too. 

    CORSAIR HS70: Final Verdict

    The verdict may be biased because the author is listening to Starman with 7.1 surround sound and movie theater preset on the EQ, and is incredibly impressed. The headphones are available in three colors, Carbon, white and tan SE. But, without a doubt, the Carbon, all black ones, are the most visually appealing. The design has nothing flashy and is made of premium rugged metal components. It is comfortable enough to not fatigue the player. For $99, it’s absolutely worth it. HS70 is pure perfection. It brings party to your ears. Order it on Amazon .

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