Get Over 20,000 Free Games With Core on Epic Games Store

    Core Games Platform Launches on Epic Games Store
    Core Games Platform Launches on Epic Games Store

    If you have an account on Epic Games Store, you can now play over 20,000 games for free! Core – a new platform for game development using Unreal Engine, similar to Dreams on PlayStation, is now available to download for free from EGS.

    While fundamentally Core itself acts as ‘one game’, once logged in you’ll be able to browse and jump into thousands of games made by its community. Just like Dreams (PS4) or Garry’s Mod (Steam), it’s an open platform with the goal of making game development and distribution easy and free for everyone. Core is built on Unreal Engine, and because the game engine is extremely versatile, users have created a variety of games across different genres with both single-player and multi-player games.

    “We built Core to open gaming to a new wave of creators from all backgrounds. That new generation is already publishing amazing experiences that rival those of big studios or that big studios wouldn’t even think of making.” – Jordan Maynard, Chief Creative Officer and co-founder at Manticore Games.

    Check out the Core games showcase hosted by Geoff Keighley (The Game Awards), which should give you a good idea of what the platform is.

    The platform has been in alpha for the past year and gets updated with nearly 200 games every day on average. Developed by Manticore Games, the game-creation platform will be adding new features soon.

    Core is now available in early access on the Epic Games Store. Existing users can link their Epic Games account to get a host of free goodies including exclusive heroes and mounts for a limited time.

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