Control Drops to as low as 10FPS on Consoles


    Control is, no doubt, an impressive looking game, especially with its use of ray tracing said to be the most advanced of any title as of yet. However, the game’s performance on consoles, while obviously not up to par with the PC version, has proven to be a fairly disappointing affair. The base consoles of the PS4 and Xbox, in particular, frequently drop to 15 and sometimes even 10FPS at times, a rate that would render the game pretty much unplayable.

    The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X systems, higher-end revisions of the consoles mentioned above, do prove to be more capable, but still far from satisfactory, with the frame rate often sliding into the 20s region. For a fully comprehensive analysis on Control’s console performance, check out Digital Foundry’s excellent video on the subject, below:

    Control, which launched just a few days ago, is the latest title from Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind the Alan Wake series. It follows Jesse Faden as she finds her herself thrust into the role of Director at Federal Bureau of Control, an agency in charge of studying paranormal phenomena, and is tasked with exploring the FBC’s headquarters while staving off hostile forces. The game has received a generally positive critical reception with a lot of it directed towards the game’s narrative and world design. The highest scores for the title come from its PC version which currently sits at an 85 on Metacritic.

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