Google Releases Information On MASSIVE 3 Year iPhone Vulnerability

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Just bought an iPhone thinking it’s the more secure option over an Android flagship? Boy, are you in for a surprise. Google’s Project Zero (the team in charge of identifying security vulnerabilities) reported that they’ve found an exploit in Apple’s inbuilt browser that’s been sharing your personal data to a control server from your iPhone.

Apple is in some serious hot water.

Apparently this exploit has been running since iOS 10 and was resolved only after the iOS 12.1 update. Google’s security team explained the exploit in detail. Visiting particular sites on the inbuilt Safari browser led to the installation of malware on iOS devices. Furthermore, this software was constantly uploading location data, files, and pictures to a control server. Talk about a nasty hack.

The Google security team slyly released this information right after iPhone launch invites were sent out.

This information was released by the team immediately after invites for Apple’s iPhone event went live. Almost immediately Apple stock price started dropping; talk about cause and effect!

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Thankfully this issue has been resolved with iOS updates and the general public vulnerability has come down. It always helps to be on the safer side when it comes to installing new apps or while visiting unknown websites. Be sure to run a security scan whenever you’re heading towards some uncharted territory on the Internet. It pays to be safe!

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