Terrifying Chucky: Child’s Play TV Series in The Works by SyFy

    Syfy is developing a new TV show based on the popular horror franchise, Chucky. The Child's Play TV series will be based on the movies.


    The terrifying killer doll, Chucky is coming back to haunt our screens again as a TV series by the original creator, Don Mancini. It is currently in the works by Syfy. The project landed with Syfy after it outbid many other networks for the rights in a bidding war and is entirely in the development stage right now. This comes along with the news that it Syfy has also placed orders for pilots of two different projects which includes the AI Drama “Cipher” and a dark comedy “Cult Classic”.

    Curse of Chucky

    The potential series will the first time for Child’s play characters to appear in a TV series and is the newest addition to the franchise of 7 films, which started way back in 1988, all of which were written by Mancini. The films mainly focus on Chucky, a notorious serial murderer, whose sol is transferred inside a doll following a Voodoo ritual in order to avoid the afterlife, and it has already grossed nearly $200 million worldwide and inspired many video games, comics and terrorized the screens for over three decades now.

    The show, which may be called Chucky, is set to be written by Don Mancini, who penned the Child’s play film franchise, who teased fans for the upcoming project with a cryptic tweet back in June. This comes after the news that a reboot for the franchise is soon coming to theatres without any involvement of its original creator. Mancini has been very vocal about his feelings about the reboot, which were not flattering at the very least. The announcement of the reboot was quite surprising as the creators were still in the middle of an ongoing Chucky series. The last movie which was released in fact, had left multiple plot lines unresolved.

    Chucky Child's Play

    However, in the case of the TV series, since the creators are same. Mancini has always wanted to bring the characters of Child’s play, to television as it will allow him to take a fresh take on the franchise, allowing him to explore the character of Chucky, who has been a horror staple for decades, with a depth which is unique to the format, while staying true to the original vision which made horror fans worldwide love Chucky and the franchise in the first place.

    Having the original creative team is going to really elevate the story. At the end of the day, the series will be a continuation of the direction which the movies took, while the new movie will reboot the entire idea for a new generation.

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