After LEGOs, a Funko Movie is Being Developed By Warner Bros.

    After the immense success of the LEGO movie franchise, Warner Bros. is reportedly developing a new franchise based on Funko Pops.


    Warner Bros. actively developing a new movie based on the Funko toyline. While the studio hasn’t officially announced the project’s existence, various sources have indeed confirmed that the film is being worked on. It’s safe to say that after the success of the LEGO movie franchise, Warner Bros. would set their eyes on the Funko brand.

    A few years ago, nobody would’ve thought that a movie based on LEGO blocks would become a household name. Now, the franchise consists of 4 movies, 5 video games, and even a spinoff TV show. With Funko pops being as widely known as they are, it’s no surprise to learn that a movie featuring the brand would be on the cards.

    Plot details are scarce, but it is being reported that the movie will feature characters such as Wonder Woman, Hellboy, the Care Bears, Harley Quinn, Hello Kitty, Darth Vader, and even Deadpool! Certain characters from the Marvel universe are also expected to make an appearance. If it’s true, this could indeed be the very first feature film to have characters from both the Marvel and DC franchises in it.

    As stated above, the film has not been announced by WB itself, so we have no information on the potential cast or even a director. With The LEGO Movie Part 2 coming out soon, it’s clear that Warner Bros. wants to focus on this franchise more than ever. The studio’s biggest IP, which is DC Comics and the Justice League franchise, is currently under a course correction. It only makes sense for Warner Bros. to invest in a new, and hopefully successful, franchise.

    The Funko movie is scheduled to go into production this year, and should release sometime in 2019.

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