Best Budget Phone Under 20,000 INR – Summer 2020 Edition


    I know, I know. We’re in a lockdown amidst the pandemic. How are you supposed to buy a smartphone, much less take a buying guide like this one for budget phone(s) seriously? Well, it looks like offline retailers will start setting up shop over the next few days (at least in India) thanks to the relaxations that have been put in place. We can only hope that e-commerce sites follow suit and start shipping non-essential goods. In the meantime, we’re here to help you narrow down your search for the perfect smartphone under 20000 INR, so that when shops do open up – you can seize the best deals!

    Poco X2

    Poco X2 Budget Phone
    The Poco X2 offers one of the best camera experiences for the money!

    Probably the only budget phone on this list with a massive fan following (thanks to the Poco branding), the Poco X2 is targeted at gamers and power-users alike. Despite not using an AMOLED panel, the Poco X2 strikes back with an ultra-smooth refresh rate of 120 Hz. The performance and capability of the Snapdragon 730G on this phone aside, interacting with the interface on this phone is very enjoyable thanks to the high refresh rate and touch response. Despite not having many game titles that support high frame rates, major titles like PUBG Mobile and Call Of Duty are expected to receive updates that will unlock the X2’s full potential. If you’re an avid mobile gamer, look no further than the Poco X2. (here is our review!)

    Major Selling Points –

    • Best camera performance under 20000 INR
    • High refresh rate IPS panel (120 Hz)
    • Poco’s suite of gaming customization
    • Power key doubles as a fingerprint scanner (very fast)
    • Great software support (MIUI)

    Realme X2

    Realme X2
    The Realme X2’s rather understated design is something conservative buyers might like.

    With a nice and contrasty AMOLED panel and the best mid-range processor money can buy right now (Snapdragon 730G), the Realme X2 is a no brainer in the budget phone category starting at 17999 INR for the base variant. Though a tad bit more expensive than some other offerings, the premium that you’ll be shelling out gets you VOOC 30W charging and one of the best camera experiences you can get in this price range.

    Major Selling Points –

    • AMOLED Display
    • 30W VOOC charging
    • Top of the line Snapdragon 730G (mid-range gaming)

    Redmi K20

    Redmi K20 Budget Phone
    The Redmi K20 is a marvel to behold.

    With a gorgeous full-screen display and a quirky pop-up camera to add to its rather eye-catching design, the Redmi K20 will appeal to the ostentatious crowd that enjoys a little “zing” in the smartphone they carry. The Redmi K20 is no slouch either – with a Snapdragon 730 that isn’t significantly far behind the Realme X2’s 730G, the K20 will handle most tasks with relative ease. MIUI definitely has the advantage over RealmeOS in terms of regular updates that improve optimization and user experience. Moreover the K20 enjoys a very active developer community, something that cannot be said for the other budget phone(s) on this list.

    Major Selling Points –

    • Full-screen notch-less AMOLED display
    • Quirky design includes a pop-up camera
    • Frequent MIUI updates that improve user experience
    • Great developer support

    Which one would we pick?

    Poco X2 Budget Phone
    The undisputed king of mid-range value!

    Despite not having an AMOLED panel, the Poco X2 would be my pick. Surprised? Let me explain. Sure, as many of you know I’m a sucker for AMOLED panels no matter what. But, over long term usage I’ve come to appreciate just how SMOOTH the high refresh rate display makes my interactions with the phone. The behemoth of an IPS panel is still quite punchy in terms of color saturation and the bundled 27W fast charger makes topping off my battery a complete breeze. Adding to all this ecstasy is the camera performance which is ungrudgingly the best you can get under 20000 INR. Period.


    1. hi i m confused to choose between Poco X2, redmi note 9 pro, samsung galaxy m31. i was currently using poco F1 and was very happy with it untill it broke. help me out in choosing a phone under 20,000. i m not a gamer. I m a pediatric surgeon by profession( as u mentioned that u r a doc urself). need a good display, fast processor, good battery. and a very goog camera( reason of choosing my previous phone poco F1). mail me or msg me @ 9999633226

      • Hello Sir!
        As a Doctor I’m very sure you’d appreciate something with great battery life! The Poco X2 though great on every other front, doesn’t offer as good battery life as its competitors if you leave it on at 120 Hz (my 2 cents from personal use). I’d ideally suggest the Galaxy M31 for its large battery and decent camera, but it will definitely seem like a slow phone after having used the Poco F1. My suggestion would be to get the Realme X2. It suits your needs quite perfectly!

        Hope you found this useful Sir 🙂

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