Best Android 10 ROM For The OnePlus One – Fresh Bacon!

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The OnePlus One (Bacon) was a hail mary for custom ROM developers when it launched back in 2014. Public kernel, CyanogenOS, and a warranty that covered even unlocked boot-loaders! Developers were in a tizzy over the phone and its infinite potential for custom ROM development. Despite being an almost 6-year-old phone, the OnePlus One is still backed by one of the largest developer communities to ever grace a smartphone with even Android 10 making its way to the device. Talk about aging gracefully! If you still have a OnePlus One on your hands, you’d probably want to check out the ROMs on this list to breathe some new life into your now-legendary phone.

The OnePlus One was a wildly popular device – PhoneArena


OmniROM OnePlus One ROM
OmniROM on the OnePlus One!

OmniROM has always been a fan favorite amongst passionate OnePlus One users. This ROM offers a very fluid AOSP like experience with proper optimizations in place to keep your One running speedily even in 2020! OmniROM’s team consists of some of the most popular devs that worked on the phone back in its Cyanogen era and they know this phone (also called Bacon in developer circles) inside and out. This allows them to put out very polished releases that you can enjoy with a peace of mind!


Lineage OS OnePlus One ROM
LineageOS on the OnePlus One

For the uninitiated, LineageOS is a spin-off of yesteryear CyanogenMod. (a minute of silence) A couple of the devs that were part of the original Cyanogen team are now maintainers for the OnePlus One Lineage ROM. All the salient features that made Cyanogen so great are still available on LineageOS, making this a very secure and stock experience. Slap on a kernel of your choice and Lineage is one of the most balanced ROMs out there, backed by a large developer community! Bacon being a phone with its roots in the Cyanogen ecosystem, enjoys a great degree of optimization with Lineage OS.

Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android OnePlus One
Features on Paranoid Android!
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This is another feature-rich stock AOSP ROM with Substratum and Color Engine support. The theming option are endless and PA seems to be one of the most popular ROM options amongst newbies delving into the world of ROMs. It’s both easy to install and insanely stable, with developers taking great pains to perfect every single aspect. If you’re a newbie we’d suggest starting out with Team Paranoid.

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  1. Most monthly releases of LineageOS are quite stable. If you’re the fit it and forget it type (and like OTA updates) Paranoid would be my pick 🙂


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