Best Gaming PC Build Under Rs. 70,000 in India [August 2019]


    Hooray! You’ve got a moderately large amount of money to spend on what’s set to be a real, serious gaming PC build. At 70,000 rupees, you have considerable leeway to build a fairly powerful build. It’ll be able to handle just about anything you throw at it up to 1440p without breaking a sweat. It’ll also let you dabble in some 4K gaming if you’re feeling adventurous. Without further ado, here’s the best PC build under 70K INR for 1440p and 4K gaming.

    Best Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 DS3H

    Image result for Gigabyte B450M DS3H

    Price: Rs. 6,450 (Link)

    This is the motherboard I have in my personal build, and for good reason too: it’s a very solid value proposition. It’s one of the cheaper B450 boards on the market but Gigabyte didn’t skimp too much in terms of features. You get 4(!) RAM slots, all the I/O connectivity you need, including plenty of USB 3 slots, and even some basic RGB lighting on the board. As a B450 part, it also lets you overclock the Ryzen CPU beating at the heart of this build. 

    Best Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super

    Price: Rs. 33,899 (Link)

    AMD’s Radeon RX 5700 XT offers a moderate performance advantage relative to the NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super, but the vagaries of AMD’s Indian pricing strategy make it hard to recommend: Some OEMs are pricing the RX 5700 XT upwards of 40K, while the RTX 2060 Super can be had in the 35k range. For that much money, you get performance that’s basically on par with the RTX 2070, 8 gigs of VRAM, and adequate ray-tracing chops, especially with DLSS enabled. This means 60 FPS-plus in almost all games at 1440p, with the settings maxed out. Compared to the RTX 2070 Super, you’re getting 85-90 percent of the performance for some Rs. 10,000 less. Now 70,000 is a considerable amount for a build but that’s still a lot to account for.

    Best Gaming CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600

    Price: Rs. 17,098 (Link)

    This year, Ryzen has made a much bigger splash than Navi. While Nvidia’s Super series stole much of AMD’s graphics thunder, Intel was much less prepared for the 7nm third-gen Ryzen 3000 onslaught. The Ryzen 5 3600 is arguably the only Mid-Range gaming CPU you should consider, period. The only thing that’d deliver better performance would be an overclocked 9900k, and that too only in emulators. Real-world gaming performance on the 3600 is good enough that you’ll hit GPU bottlenecks far before the Ryzen’s pushed to its limit. There are simply no good Intel processors in contention with the 3600. It offers slightly better gaming performance and massively improved multithreaded performance in general productivity contexts. Paired with the B450 mobo, you’ll be able to overclock the 3600 to eke out even more single-threaded performance for real CPU hogs like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

    Best Memory for the Ryzen 5 3600: 2×8 GB ADATA Premier DDR4 2666 MHz

    Image result for ADATA Premier DDR4 2666 MHz

    Price: Rs. 6,920 (Link)

    Do you know what else you can overclock on your B450 motherboard? Your DDR4 memory. Ryzen scales best at higher memory frequencies. Earlier-gen Ryzen 2000 CPUs had Infinity Fabric speeds tied into RAM speeds making fast RAM almost a necessity. While this isn’t the case with Ryzen 5 3600, performance still scales well with faster RAM. Unfortunately, that almost always means more expensive RAM. A simple solution is to buy cheaper 2666 MHz RAM modules and overclock them to 2933 MHz. While this isn’t a sure shot thing, it worked just fine for me and most mid-tier RAM modules can be pushed up at least one or two performance bins. Even if you leave RAM at stock, the other parts of this build are speedy enough that you might not notice the performance boost.

    Storage: Kingston A400 480GB SSD

    Image result for Kingston A400 480GB SSD

    Price: Rs. 3,899 (Link)

    I can’t emphasize this enough: SSDs really matter. In recent years, as game worlds have become bigger and more detailed, asset streaming has started playing a bigger role in overall performance. We’ve gotten to the point where games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided just aren’t pleasant to play on HDDs. Load times are unbearably long and there’s constant stutter as assets are loaded in and swapped out. At the same time, we’d advise not jumping aboard the NvME hype train either. NvME SSDs are faster but not noticeably so in gaming: you might shave off an extra second or two worth of load time compared to a SATA SSD. That’s exactly why we’re recommending this 480GB SSD from Kingston. This is an adequate amount of space for your OS and enough games at a time to sate your appetite.

    Power Supply: Cooler Master MWE 550

    Image result for Cooler Master MWE 550

    Price: Rs. 3,377 (Link)

    This is again a personal recommendation. It’s the power supply I use in my own rig. At just a bit over ₹3,000, it’s fantastic value for an 80+ bronze-rated unit. 550w might not sound like much but it’s more than adequate to power the Ryzen 5 3600, and the RTX 2060 Super with overclocks on both. What’s not to like?

    Case: Antec NX200 RGB

    Image result for NX200 RGB

    Price: Rs. 2,400 (Link)

    This is a great example of shiny-cheap, that most special of value categories. The NX200 is not just a great-looking midtower case. It offers good cooling, a transparent panel, and adjustable RGB lighting. And all this for less than ₹2500. It makes me seriously question the sanity of anyone who would opt for a more expensive case.

    All in all, we’re looking at a grand total of Rs. 74,073. If 70k is your budget, this might be a bit of a stretch. But trust us here, the extra Rs. 4000 is being put to very good use: What you have on your hands here is a solid performer at 1080p and 1440p that’ll also net you eminently playable framerates at 4K.

    Summary: Best Budget PC Build Under Rs. 70,000 in India

    Let’s go over all the components once again. To build the best budget PC Build under 70K you will need:

    • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
    • Price: Rs. 17,098 (Link)
    • Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 DS3H
    • Price: Rs. 6,450 (Link)
    • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super
    • Price: Rs. 33,899 (Link)
    • Memory: ADATA Premier DDR4 2666 MHz
    • Price: Rs. 6920 (Link)
    • Case: NX200
    • Price: Rs. 2400 (Link)
    • PSU: Cooler Master MWE 550
    • Price: Rs. 3,377 (Link)
    • Storage: Kingston A400 480GB SSD
    • Price: Rs. 3,899 (Link)

    Suggestions and feedback are always welcome. Cheers!

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    1. Uh, let’s agree to disagree on that :p I prefer to game in a dark room without light because it’s an immersive experience. RGB lighting would completely mess that up. I’ve got a single RGB fan (which I got for PWM, not RGB), and I find it better to turn it off when gaming

    2. Go with ryzen 1600 which will be at 11k so instead of buying a RTX 2060 supper you can buy a RX 5700xt or RTX 2070 super. and a 3200mhz CL18 Ram

    3. I’m building a pc for music production on Cubase mainly..!
      I was thinking to go with i7 8700..
      So the rest of this setup with 1060 6gb (Because I won’t do gaming) would be better or longer run than i7 8700 with Asus tuf B365m plus with rest of this setup?
      I won’t be able to upgrade before 4years..!
      Please help me out…!

    4. Rx 570 is an ass compared to the RTX 2060 or the Rx 5700 and it will struggle in games …You seem to be an idiot who will pair a low end card with an mid-high range CPU

    5. Import RAM , Cpu , SSD from aliexpress and go for RX 580 at 13k from ali as well. Its a perfect 1080p card and has huge 8 GB VRAM.

    6. Will Gigabyte B450 DS3H really support Ryzen 3600? I know it says on the gigabyte’s site that this one supports it but for that you have to upgrade the bios and to upgrade the bios you have to have a Ryzen 2 or 1 processer installed on it first. Once upgraded you can use it for 3600. OR are there Gigabyte B450 DS3H motherboard available already in market pre upgraded to latest bios?

    7. Very bad choice of ram.. low speed ran will slow down the ryzen processer. Also gigabyte Mobo has worst vrm… better to go with msi b450m gaming.and for sad go for a nvme m.2 sad instead of sata ssd which are more faster .

    8. I will not recommend Antec NX200 for this build because it doesn’t have space in front panel through which air can come in your case and it will effect your pc components. I will recommend Antec DF500 it comes with RGB…

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