Best Custom ROMs For The Redmi K20 Pro – A Breath Of Fresh Air!

    Redmi K20 Pro ROM

    Xiaomi phones have hands down one of the biggest and active developer community out there. There’s no denying the fact that Xiaomi supports custom ROM development as it sends out its devices to some of the popular devs around the globe. The OEM even allows unlocking the bootloader and rooting without voiding your warranty. The icing on the cake is that most of its devices are powered by Qualcomm processors – favourable chipset for aftermarket ROM development as per the devs. Since Xiaomi has recently got quite aggressive with ads in its MIUI, custom ROM seems to be the only saviour. With a slew of custom ROMs out there, it’s quite arduous for a user to choose among them which suit their needs. But we here at TechQuila cater to all sorts of enthusiast and solely believe it is our duty to provide the daily fix for the custom ROM fanatics. Without further ado, let’s jump into some of the best Redmi K20 Pro ROMs.

    Pixel Experience

    Redmi K20 Pro ROM
    Redmi K20 Pro running on Pixel Experience!

    Pixel Experience is probably the most used custom ROM among the Android community right now. As the name suggests, the ROM offers you a stable vanilla stock Android experience just like what you’d find on the Google Pixel. It brings a host of Pixel exclusive features on your Redmi K20 Pro ranging from built-in GCam support, newer Google Assistant, pre-included GApps (basically Google services and apps), Pixel Live Wallpapers and more. The pros don’t here; the Pixel Experience ROM aims to maintain stability and security by pushing timely updates of Android security patches and customizations features. It’s one of the snappiest Redmi K20 Pro ROM. If you don’t like what MIUI offers and prefer a close to stock experience, this is the one for you!

    Resurrection Remix

    Redmi K20 Pro ROM
    Loads of customisation features in Resurrection Remix!

    The Resurrection Remix ROM is all about customisation. It is a mix of LineageOS, Paranoid Android and Pixel Experience with some extra nifty features as a cherry on top. It’s quite popular among the community thanks to the unlimited gesture-based shortcuts one can program. All kind of features which you can imagine in an OS with stability, updates and community support are all packed into this very ROM. Since Resurrection Remix ROM prioritises user preference, it is a go-to custom ROM for customisations.

    Redmi K20 Pro ROM

    If you love Xiaomi’s MIUI along with all the customisations but don’t like those obtrusive ads, then this ROM is exactly for you! ROM is basically a custom version of MIUI China ROM (only has Mandarin and English as languages) which is translated into more languages and comes with Google apps. The ROM even gets rid of the Chinese services, including adverts and bloatware so global users can enjoy all the MIUI features without any obstruction. Moreover, the ROM also unlocks a plethora of MIUI features that Xiaomi restricts to certain device models. With Xiaomi releasing their all-new MIUI 12 China builds for beta testing, it’s a pain for the global users to get their hands on the features that the MIUI iteration has to offer. To solve this, has released their latest builds based on MIUI 12 which can be flashed on your Redmi K20 Pro.

    Why do you need a custom ROM?

    Thanks to the quarantine you have abundant time in your hands and you’re probably bored of MIUI that your daily driver (maybe!) Redmi K20 Pro has to offer. Xiaomi is always notoriously late in updating their devices to the latest Android version and MIUI. Moreover, the adverts and the annoying notifications of the Xiaomi apps are quite a nuisance in daily life. That’s why a custom ROM could give a breath of fresh air to your Redmi K20 Pro!

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