Best Budget Phones Under 20,000 Rupees: (September 2019)

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    With Xiaomi and Realme at each other’s necks in the budget segment amidst successive launches that keeps on intensifying the prevalent self cannibalisation of sales, picking the right phone in the budget space can be quite a daunting task! To continue our series of the best budget phones, we’ll be looking at the sub 20,000 rupee price bracket today.

    1. Realme XT

    The Realme XT delivers hard on its promise.

    Seems like just a few months ago that the Realme X launched and we were raving about it right? Well, Realme has somehow found a way to build on the already successful X and make it considerably cheaper. A boon for the consumer and a total harakiri for Realme. The XT carries over the stellar camera performance found on the X and even improves on it a little with an all-new 64MP sensor as well as a dedicated wide-angle shooter. With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 and an AMOLED display to boot, you’d be crazy to even consider the X as an option just for the gimmicky selfie shooter!

    2. Poco F1

    The Poco F1 is the most powerful phone here. Period.
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    Undoubtedly the most powerful phone here, the Poco F1 is a force to be reckoned with! With last year’s flagship chip (Snapdragon 845) and awe-inspiring camera performance with GCam support, the F1 should be your choice if you aren’t concerned with build quality or display quality. Functionality-wise, there’s nothing in the segment that can stand close to the Poco F1 with its boring plastic cladding being its only caveat. Other than that, the Poco F1 is a complete steal for its sub 20K asking price.

    3. Samsung Galaxy M30S

    The revamped Samsung Galaxy M30S.

    This is the new kid on the block with snazzy new kicks to match! Building on the success formula of the M30, Samsung has churned out the M30S making it a better phone in every way. With a massive 6000 mAh battery and an improved processor that can now stand toe to toe with the Snapdragons in this price range, the Samsung is a lucrative option for people focused on having a rich software experience (in the form of OneUI) and bulletproof reliability!

    You Should Probably Wait For…

    Leaked renders of the Redmi Note 8 Pro.

    THE REDMI NOTE 8 PRO. Xiaomi’s new offering is just around the corner and it’ll seemingly offer a flagship-level gaming experience thanks to an all-new Mediatek chip. Sure, we’re quite sceptical about Mediatek chips in general, but now you can’t blame us for pulling a fast one on you right?

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