Gigabyte Aorus CV27Q: Curved 165Hz VA Monitor with Freesync 2 for $459.99

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There’s no dearth of awesome monitors these days at reasonable prices. Yours truly has a Korean QNIX 27-inch monitor that’s great for gaming and general productivity. (We’re about to review a 55-inch TV, which will be taking the place of the said monitor for a while. I have no idea how that’s going to turn out). But if you’re not into off-brand monitors (and there are reasons to stay away, I know), Gigabyte‘s got you covered with the phenomenal Aorus CV27Q.


This is a case where you win some, lose some–you don’t have HDR here and this is 1440p panel. However, you do get a 165 Hz refresh rate (and we’re guessing this thing can overclock to a bit more than that) and Freesync 2. The latter’s an important part of ensuring that you have a fluid high framerate experience.

The CV27Q uses a VA panel, sporting a 3000:1 contrast ratio. Interestingly, while VA panels tend to have poor response times, the Aorus has a very healthy 1ms response time. This puts it in contention with TN panels, without the associated tradeoffs. As mentioned, you don’t get HDR, but the panel’s a 400-nit unit, meaning it’ll get plenty bright. Did I mention that it’s curved? You get all this for $459.99. This is a bit higher than the competition, but the Aorus quality still makes a good purchase.

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