Apple iOS 13: 7 Best New Features [WWDC 2019]

Apple has introduced the iOS 13 at WWDC 2019 with several new additions. Here are seven best features on the new update coming this fall.



One of the reasons why people use iPhones is its reliability and performance. With iOS 13, Apple has brought a lot of changes and improvements. Face unlock is now 30% faster. Thanks to Apple’s change in app packaging, the apps are now 50% smaller in size, and updates are 60% smaller. Apple also claims that this will boost app opening speeds by up to 2 times compares to iOS 12.



The feature in high demand, the Dark mode, is finally available on iOS 13. This is a system-wide experience including Apple apps like Apple News, Calendar, Messages, Apple Music, etc. Apple said that it would be working with developers to bring this to third-party apps as well. The keyboard has also received a dark mode update along with swipe gestures. A new share screen is making its way into iOS, which will help users to share files with convenience.

New Share screen



Apps have been an integral part of iOS. A lot of native apps are receiving updates this year. Safari has now the ability to change text size depending on the website. Mail is getting desktop class formatting, including richer fonts. The Reminders app is receiving a major update too. Users can simply type in a text and the app will intelligently identify the reminder in the text. There are also suggested reminders. If a reminder is concerning a person, the next time you talk to him, you will get a reminder about that. Apple Maps has also been updated with new Favourites and Collections tab, which allow you to keep track of all the trip planning in one place. There is a new Binocular feature, which acts basically the same as Google Street View.



Apple announced new privacy features with iOS 13. Users can now allow an app to use their location just once and they will be prompted to allow again the next time they use the app. There is also a new background tracking alert system, alerting users of which apps are doing what in the background. Apple also unveiled a new way to log in- Sign in with Apple. Apple says, or at least wants you to believe, that there is no tracking when you sign using your apple account. For apps that require your email id, you can generate a random email id and hide your real email to prevent spams.

Apple’s new Homekit will work with security cameras within a house. Unlike most cloud-based Security solutions, Apple Homekit will analyze the footage locally and then encrypt that before sending it to iCloud. To prevent attacks on routers, Homekit will generate a firewall for them.



Apple’s extremely popular Messages app is receiving major updates in iOS 13. Users can now send their photos and names along with the message, in case the receiver does not have them on their contact list. This is, however, user controlled. There are more options in Animoji, making it easier for the user to personalize their character. Apple also announced new Animoji Stickers, which are generated from Animoji itself.


iOS 13 brings a whole new photos app with some noticeable updates. First, there is a new portrait lighting mode, which enables you to change the lighting on a portrait photo, making it look more studio-quality. Second, there are changes to the photo editing menu, which now shows all the edits at one place, without having the need to go into options separately. Lastly, there is a new organization system for your photos. Photos will be organized depending on date, people, and interests. Not gonna lie, a lot of these features look a direct mimic of the Google Photos app.


Siri has received a lot of new improvements in iOS 13. If you are an Airpods user, Siri can now read text messages as soon as they arrive and let you reply immediately. This will also work with third-party apps. On devices like HomePod, Siri has now multi-user support and thus will be able to personalize content depending on the context. The Shortcuts app, which was announced last year, has received a UI change. Now all your shortcuts are organized in one place. There is also support for suggested automation of shortcuts.


iOS 13 makes a lot of improvement with how Siri sounds. Apple is using Neural Text to Speech technology to make Siri sound more human-like. This would make Siri sound better, with more expressions, especially in long conversations.

These were some of the best iOS 13 features announced at WWDC 2019. For more WWDC news, stay tuned to TechQuila.

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