AMD’s Ryzen 3000 CPUs to Support up to 5000MHz of DDR4 Memory


    According to the developer of the DRAM Calculator of the AMD Ryzen processors, Yuri Bubliy the Zen 2 chips will support memory speeds of up to 5000MHz. In a Twitter post, he said that “The maximum value of the frequency of the AMD Zen 2 generation is 5000 MHz mode UCLK == MEMCLK / 2.”

    The difference between the standard memory clock and UCLK is that the former is specific only to the internal and external memory clocks while UCLK is for the unified memory controller. More details (via WikiChip):

    • UClk – UMC Clock – The frequency at which the Unified Memory Controller’s (UMC) operates at. This frequency is identical to MemClk.
    • LClk – Link Clock – The clock at which the I/O Hub Controller communicates with the chip.
    • FClk – Fabric Clock – The clock at which the data fabric operates at. This frequency is identical to MemClk.
    • MemClk – Memory Clock – Internal and external memory clock.
    • CClk – Core Clock – The frequency at which the CPU core and the caches operate at (i.e. advertised frequency).
    AMD Ryzen 3000 Memory Speed

    There is however something y‘all need to keep in mind. 5000MHz is the absolute highest speed that the Ryzen 3000 processors will be able to attain, and it’s not necessary that your particular part will also achieve it. Hardcore overclockers will probably be the ones who’ll be looking to get to this figure using all sorts of crazy cooling methods such as LN2 and even then only the best silicon will hit the 5000MHz mark.

    For example, the Zen+ based Ryzen 2000 lineup supports a maximum DRAM frequency of 4000MHz, but most chips aren’t able to get to that peak. Only the luckiest overclockers with the best memory modules and heatsinks can raise the RAM speeds to that frequency.

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