AMD Expected to Further Eat into Intel’s Market Share; Stocks Go Up Due To Positive Ryzen and Radeon Reviews

AMD has been on a high so far this year with the launch of some of its most eagerly anticipated products at Computex. The company launched new generation of Ryzen CPUs and Radeon NAVI Graphics cards. They were well received by the users and people praised the value for money that they offered. This led to AMD stock price taking quite a leap and analysts believe the stocks will continue to rise even further.

“We think that the new CPUs and APUs will help AMD sustain its desktop processor market share momentum, driving unit market share from about 17% in the March-2019 quarter to 20% or better by the December-2019 quarter” David Wong from Nomura Instinet

According to Wong, these new processors and GPU launches will be enough to sustain this continuous growth for AMD. He predicts an increase in the market share from 17 percent to 20 percent in about six months.

He further added, “We expect that AMD will be able to hold its desktop processor ASP at close to $90, or higher, through 2019, up from close to $50 prior to 2017.”

AMD share price improved by almost 75 percent this year. This is what some of the leading analysts think about the stock:

  • David Wong @ Namura Instinet: “Buy” PT $37 reiterated today
  • Mitch Steves @ RBC Capital: “Buy” PT $43 reiterated last month
  • Vivek Arya @ Merrill Lynch: “Buy” PT $40 reiterated last month
  • Joseph Moore @ Morgan Stanley: “Hold” PT $28 reiterated last month
  • Ross Seymore @ Deutsche Bank: “Hold” PT $25 reiterated two months ago
  • John Pitzer @ Credit Suisse: “Hold” PT $25 reiterated two months ago

It’ll be interesting to see how the AMD stock price and its market share varies, now that the third generation Ryzen 3000 CPUs and the Radeon NAVI GPUs are finally available in the market for users to purchase.

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