AMD Ryzen 7 3800X Overclocked to 5.9 GHz on LN2


    Extreme overclockers are always pushing the limits with new hardware. This time around, the AMD Ryzen 7 3800X has been pushed to new heights by pro overclocker, “TSAIK.” Using an open loop liquid nitrogen (LN2) setup, TSAIK was able to push a Ryzen 7 3800X to 5.9 GHz, on a single core. This impressive feature was accomplished on MSI’s flagship GODLIKE X570 motherboard, engineered with high-end overclocking in mind.

    While hitting 5.9 GHz single-core is no mean feat—on air and closed water loops, the new Ryzen parts tend to top out under 5 GHz—this isn’t the farthest that Ryzen’s been pushed: der8auer managed to get the R7 2700X to 6 GHz on all cores. The Zen chips have had something of a bad rep with regards to overclocking headroom: first-gen parts tapped out at around 4.3 GHz on air, and a 5.9 GHz single-core OC, while impressive relative to typical Ryzen OCs, is nowhere near what Intel’s 9900K can do under LN2: der8auer has also pushed that particular chip up to 7.6 GHz.

    Considering that the move to the 7nm process opens up new possibilities with regards to power efficiency and cooling, we see TSAIK’s LN2 OC as just the start—3rd gen Ryzen has a lot left on tap.

    What was even more impressive than the core OC was the fact that TSAIK managed to push the DDR4 modules on his setup to a blistering 5774 MHz.

    It’s been only a few weeks since the arrival of the 3rd Gen Ryzen lineup. Not only are these parts remarkably competitive in gaming vis-à-vis Coffee Lake they also offer unparalleled multithreading performance. If you’re interested in what the 3000 series can pull off in real-world workloads, be sure to check our (normal) overclocking guide here.

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