AMD Ryzen 3000: Which Motherboard to Buy: X470, X570 or B450


    AMD wasn’t able to fully deliver on its promise of supporting the Zen chipsets across all three generations, at least not fully. The Ryzen chipsets, namely the B350 and X370 will only support the Zen 2 chips in certain cases (depending on the OEM), while the A320 won’t be supporting it at any point of time. The 2nd Gen chipsets, X470 and B450 will be able to run all three generations, while the X570 platform will only work with Zen+ and Zen 2.

    AMD Ryzen 3000: Which Motherboard to Buy

    Many people are curious about the differences between these chipsets, and whether running a Ryzen 3000 part on an X470 or B450 platform will result in any performance penalties or bottlenecks. Well, guess no more, AMD’s marketing team has confirmed that there won’t be any performance gap between the three.

    Which AMD Motherboard Should I Buy:

    If you are buying a Ryzen 3 or 5, then you probably won’t want to spend too much on the more expensive X470/X570 motherboards. In fact from our testing, unless you are planning to use more than 16 PCIe lanes, via a dedicated GPU and multiple NVMe drives, you probably won’t need the X470, as for the X570, there’s absolutely no reason to go for it unless you are planning to get the highest-end CPUs along with multiple PCIe devices (Data-Card, PCIe drives, SLI/XFX, etc).

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