AMD Releases Dual-Core A6 9400 APU For $35


    AMD is building on its 7th Gen A-Series line-up of APUs with the introduction of the AMD A6 9400 APU. The chip is presumably being produced by TSMC on the 28nm node. The new “Stoney Ridge” Core uses the Excavator Microarchitecture and comes with 1MB of L2 cache.


    • Cores: 2
    • Threads: 2
    • TDP: 65 W
    • Frequency: 2.4GHz (Base) and 3.7GHz (Turbo)

    The APU uses AMD’s proprietary AM4 socket and is compatible with a wide variety of motherboards. The A6-9400 comes with the Radeon R5 integrated graphics with 192 shader cores, which is an upgrade from the 128 on the R4. The R5 is built around the GCN 2.0 micro-architecture and should offer similar performance to the R7 250. We are probably looking at a base clock of 720MHz with a boost clock of 1029MHz. The APU also supports dual-channel DDR4 memory.


    The APU is listed on Mindfactory for 33.17 Euros which is roughly around the $35 mark. According to them, the new APU will release on the 20th of March. Compared to its Intel counterparts, the A6-9400 offers better clock speeds, more L2 cache, and better Graphical performance. At this price point, the APU seems to be a good pick for a budget build, which also allows users to play some games without breaking the bank.

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