AMD CPUs are safe from Security Flaws


    Security vulnerabilities have been plaguing Intel’s CPUs since way back in 2008 and ever since the outbreak of Meltdown in early 2018 we’ve had a series of newcomers that followed its footsteps –
    Zombieload, RIDL, Fallout and MDS – as named by Intel themselves.

    AMD on the other hand nonchalantly continues to stand their ground in that Intel being the only chipmaker affected by these security flaws. After rigorous testing they have listed all their processors as immune.

    “At AMD we develop our products and services with security in mind. Based on our analysis and discussions with the researchers, we believe our products are not susceptible to ‘Fallout’, ‘RIDL’ or ‘ZombieLoad Attack’ because of the hardware protection checks in our architecture. We have not been able to demonstrate these exploits on AMD products and are unaware of others having done so.”

    This alone is a pretty major reason to opt for AMD’s processors over Intel’s (along with their improved power efficiency and much better value) since patches to these flaws can cause Intel CPUs to lose nearly half their maximum performance as tested by Phoronix.

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    1. With the way this is written, it sounds like heavy favoritism. Almost Fan Boy levels.

      This is why people hate fake news. Just post objectivity. Leave your opinion at home unless this is an editorial. Which it is not.

    2. Anyone who knows anything about code knows that there is no such thing as a bug proof architecture. Humans are imperfect. So is code. This article has been bought and paid for by AMD. I can’t believe you expect your readers to be this stupid.

    3. Soon AMD can grab the market of intel…As he is delivering his products to customers on low cost and better service than intel…

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