New to Amazon Prime Video: Individual User Profiles, Finally!

    Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon Prime Video has now launched the feature of having individual profiles globally. This feature was available in a few countries only, previously. With these personalised profiles, now users can have their own watchlist that they create. Personalised watchlists will have recommendations which too will be personalised.

    This particular feature has already been present on other OTTs, Amazon has been pretty behind in terms of launching the same.  Viewers will be able to create a total of six profiles for their family members out of which one primary profile will be connected to the Amazon Prime account. 

    Amazon Prime Video

    These six profiles can include both kids’ and adults’ profiles. The kids’ accounts will have restrictions in terms of content exposure, this feature also exists on Netflix and HBO Max. In the “Kids” profile, the Amazon Prime Video will only include content which is targetted towards those who are 12-years-old or younger.

    The search results and the search suggestions will also be filtered that will show children-appropriate content. Children with the Kids profile will not be able to make purchases too.

    Adult profiles will be able to play all the content streaming on Prime Video content form the primary account, including content that has been purchased or rented, Prime Video titles, Prime Video Channels and Live content.

    Parents can now also set up parental controls on their account so this content is not accessible on a shared device. Viewing restrictions will be enabled and parents can enter a PIN code to stream content. This feature will be available on iOS, Android, Fire Tablet and other Fire TV Prime Video app. It is still unclear as to how many profiles can stream content online, Amazon has not issued a statement on the same.  

    Unlike Netflix and Disney Plus, it is unclear whether Prime Video viewers will be able to customize the look of their profile icons. Prime Video profiles were reported earlier this year by NDTV. Amazon first rolled out profiles to its customers in India and Africa and now this feature has been launched globally.

    It is reported that child profiles work is on mobile devices. Amazon Prime will allow a child profile to access the adult profile’s downloads on mobile as it does not want to put restrictions on the downloads.

    The absence of having separate user-profiles have been a major drawback for Amazon Prime Video streaming service. The feature has been a requested one for a while now. Amazon Prime Video was first launched in the year 2011.

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