AirTag Review Roundup – Apple Goes Head To Head With Tile


Just a few days after its launch, AirTag (or as we used to call it, AirTags) has started getting into the hands of several reviewers and YouTubers, and we now have a first impression of Apple’s Tile competitor.

Here’s a rundown of first impressions or early reviews of AirTag, along with a glimpse of the new purple iPhone 12.

Dieter Bohn, The Verge

Dieter Bohn at The Verge tested out AirTag in a quite quirky way by giving it to one of his colleagues and tracking him across an unfamiliar city, and here’s what he thinks about Apple’s tracking beacon.

After a half-hour of walking around, I finally found him. He was standing on a street corner with no foot traffic whatsoever, which meant that the intermittent signals I got detailing his location came from a couple of iPhones in cars that were driving by.

That’s impressive.

Dieter also notes that AirTag is quite prone to scratches.

However, you’ll soon find the plastic is scuffed and the chrome on the back is scratched. Sincerely, do not expect these to stay looking pristine for long — not since the weird early days of the iPod nano has an Apple product gotten scuffed this easily.

C. Velazco, Endgadget

Endgadget’s C Velazco is nothing less than impressed with Apple’s first tracking beacon. Also, we got to know the speaker inside the AirTag is quite loud.

You could always tap a button to force the AirTag to play an alert chime, and to Apple’s credit, the speaker on these things is much louder than I expected. Our video producer hid my keys somewhere in his verdant Oakland backyard, and I could easily hear my wayward AirTag chirping over the sound of the wind, kids playing, and what I eventually found to be two guys cutting huge slats of wood in their front yard. Unless you have your TV blaring, I don’t think you’d have too much trouble finding your missing gadget with your ears alone.

The Precision Finding feature is the real deal, and it seems that it works great, as Velazco can’t stop praising it.

There’s no two ways about it — the Precision Finding feature works beautifully, and there wasn’t anywhere my video guy could stash my keys that I couldn’t find with just a bit of legwork. It doesn’t hurt that the iPhone itself provides haptic feedback during searches; the closer you get, the more sustained the vibration. The whole thing is absolutely dead-simple, just the way it should be.


Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD

Well, MKBHD has nothing but praises for the Precision Finding experience, and according to him, the “Lost Mode” is the cherry on top. However, Marques is not happy with the dimensions of Apple’s tracking beacon, noting, “I wish it was a little bit thinner…”. Like Bohn and other reviewers, Marques note that AirTag’s are prone to scratches.

Jacob Krol, CNN

Jacob Krol from CNN got to spend some time with the AirTag. According to him, it was “worth the wait. Krol seemed quite impressed with the way Apple’s handling the privacy concern, which “gives us more breathing room in comparison to other trackers.” Also, the ‘turn-by-turn directions’ are “quite literally a game-changer,” according to CNN’s Jacob Krol. 

The Purple iPhone 12

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