Adobe Adds New Features in Creative Cloud Update

    adobe creative cloud

    Adobe has announced that it has updated Creative Cloud by releasing new features. These features will be present in Adobe software, ranging from Photoshop and Lightroom to Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator and its XD design tool. The company has said that these updates will focus on three aspects.

    The first aspect is learning and drawing inspiration from things around, the second involves collaborating with creators and thirdly empowering artists and helping them innovate creations. 

    Adobe has also brought AI-driven updates and, along with bringing more such updates to the applications, there is an addition of features such as workflow enhancement, performance improvements and much more!

    “Select Subject” is an improved smart tool which will be brought to Photoshop and is expected to do a significantly better job at helping isolate and understand faces better, for instance.

    Photoshop is an app that has done well but requires a lot of manual effort into getting the nuances of a particular creation right. With this new update, however, this hassle might get solved to a considerable extent. The new systems have been tuned to give a better experience to the users. 

    Talking about incorporating AI into the new update, the company has given a demo of how, with the help of Sensei, the app has managed to get a portrait image. The Adobe Camera Raw Plugin has been updated as well with a considerably nicer interface and Lightroom-like management and functionality which also is now including the film-strip.

    There are other hosts of features which include rotatable patterns, Lightroom linked editing options which have been made available for Photoshop on iPad.

    There are features which have been updated in Photoshop and that includes auto-activation for the Adobe Fonts that basically uses the fonts you have not installed on the machine from before, there is a rotatable pattern which will update the existing “match font” tool that basically also runs on the Sensei to help find matching fonts better from a photograph. 

    These updates have shown that Photoshop and Lightroom when you use the two on your iPad. On iPad, the new update will now help us to send images easily from Lightroom to Photoshop when somebody edits a photograph there. Adobe Capture’s features are also available in Photoshop now, Adobe Capture helps to extract colour themes, patterns and shapes from photos.

    Adobe is finally rolling out the “Stock Audio” section inside Premiere Pro. This feature basically allows users to preview, download, and license audio clips from different sources and keep it all in the same place. There are a host of other features that Adobe is still working on! 

    adobe creative cloud

    InDesign also gets a new update which is the “Share for Review” feature which was available in Acrobat. The new feature makes the application much more user friendly. Illustrator has also got support for “Cloud Documents”.

    XD has now got “content-aware layout” for the “Stacks” option which basically means that the app will now automatically adjust the stack as one adds or deletes any element.

    Adobe will also be bringing out “Design tokens” with the help of “Scroll Groups”. Along with these feature updates, Adobe has also increased the Creative Cloud storage up to 1TB for its CC Teams and enterprise users for free.

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