5 Tips to Train Your Mind to Hate Junk Food

1. Know what you like to eat

If you’re struggling with your relationship with food, the first step is accepting that you have a journey ahead where only conscious decisions on your part will push you towards a healthier life. No one knows your likes and dislikes better than you when it comes to food. You know exactly which junk food is your guilty pleasure, what makes you allergic, and what you like making or ordering the most.

It is important to know what type of food you crave the most. Is it sugar that you are addicted to or deep-fried items? Pizza or Pasta? Fries or shakes? Doughnuts or cupcakes? After a careful analysis, you can create a plan where you consume junk food in controlled amounts, thus keeping you satisfied while boosting overall health.


2. De-clutter the Junk

Try to always keep healthy food stocked up in your pantry and fridge, so the next time you get an urge to binge, you have access to some fresh fruits, health bars, or a muesli bowl rather than an unhealthy bag of chips or cupcakes. If you have simple, nutritious food available around you all the time, your mind will tend to follow it instead of reaching out for any other potentially unhealthy snacks. Make a conscious effort to stay away from junk food like burgers, hot dogs, sugar-loaded desserts, cakes, cheese-loaded fries, and such.

Instead of binging on a packet of potato chips or cookies, choose from healthier options like a smoothie, breakfast bowl, fruits, nuts or salads the next time you are hungry.


3. Building the will power to Stop Eating Junk Food

It is silly to expect healthy food to just arrive magically at your doorstep and present itself. You need to make a conscious effort and get rid of all unhealthy and processed food items that you have stocked up in your kitchen or the fridge. Have a vision of what you might feel or look like when you achieve your dream lifestyle and work towards it. Remember, it is more about health and not appearance.

Keep reminding yourself that the end goal of your junk food reduction journey is a healthier, sexier, and happier you. Find activities related to your goal, like playing a sport, joining a fitness group, enrolling in a Zumba class, making friends at the gym, or finding a yoga buddy!


4. Explore more to know more

Start reading nutrition blogs, articles, or pay a visit to a certified nutritionist. You can look up videos online and read on to find out facts about junk food and how it is created, stored and marketed to you. Once you consume the right information, you’ll be more conscious while picking up a doughnut the next time you’re at a coffee place. The right mindset helps you minimize such cravings and will push you to pick up a healthier alternative. One needs to make healthy eating habits a lifestyle choice rather than treating it as a punishment.


5. Have Cheat Days!

It’s not sustainable or a healthy way to live if you stop eating all your favourite snacks and desserts altogether. Certainly, avoiding junk food in your daily life may seem herculean a task, but with time and practice, you’ll learn to achieve a good balance. It is really important to have cheat days once in a while, for example, once a week or twice a month. The trick is to have one cheat meal instead of 3-4 cheat meals over the weekend. Cheat days are crucial as it gives you the hope that you don’t have to live without that cheeseburger, that last slice of pizza or that ice cream tub for the rest of your life.

Moderation is the key! When you are eating right for 5-6 days a week, one cheat meal won’t undo any of the hard work you put in for the rest of the week. It helps curb your untimely cravings and tricks your mind to be on the healthy track.

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