2021 iMac to Come in Five Colors; A Smaller Mac Pro Under Development: Jon Prosser


    The infamous Jon Prosser is back with another Apple scoop, and this time, he’s on to Apple’s upcoming iMac, and Apple Silicon powered Mac Pro ‘mini’.

    In a new video on his channel FrontPageTech, Prosser spilled beans on the Cupertino giant’s plans for its next iMac, and we also got a look at the Mac Pro ‘mini’.

    Mac Pro ‘mini’: The Cube

    Mac Pro ‘mini’ renders; Credits: Jon Prosser X ConceptCreator

    Prosser shared concept renders of the upcoming Mac Pro, which tends to be smaller than the earlier generations, which seems to be nostalgic enough reminiscing us of Apple’s G4 Cube.

    The renders shared by Prosser concedes with Bloomberg’s report where Gurman has mentioned that the upcoming Mac Pro will have two variants, one similar to current-gen Mac Pro and the second one will be powered by Apple’s in-house silicon, and it will be half the size of the 2019’s Mac Pro quite similar to the G4 Cube, and his sources describing it as ‘four Mac mini’s stacked on top of each other.’

    2021 iMac: Apple Silicon, Slimmer Bezels, and Five Colors

    2021 iMac Front; Credits: Jon Prosser X ConceptCreator

    Apart from giving us a sneak peek of the next Mac Pro, Prosser’s video shed some light on the upcoming iMac, and it’s astonishing. As per Prosser’s claims, the 2021 iMac will be a mix of Apple’s Pro Display XDR and iPad Air in terms of design, but at the same time, it’ll be hitting nostalgia, too, with its new colors, reminding us of the original iMac.

    Apple G3: The Original iMac

    Yes, you read it correctly, the 2021 iMac is expected to come in five colors, and current prototypes for the iMac are carrying the same five colors as the iPad Air, black, white, green, blue, and rose gold.

    2021 iMac Prototype Renders; Credits: Jon Prosser X ConceptCreator

    Redesigned iMacs with Apple Silicon are doing the rounds of the internet lately; quite a lot has been said about them, from donning slimmer bezels to a much more powerful Apple Silicon; a lot has been said about them. At the same time, Prosser conceded with some previous rumors he also provided new insight into the development, making us more eager for the new iMacs.

    Apart from the 2021 iMac and smaller Mac Pro, the Cupertino giant is also refreshing the MacBooks, giving it a modern look similar to the current generation iPad with a pinch of nostalgia there too.

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