10nm Intel Tiger Lake CPUs announced by Intel, Coming in 2020

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The Tiger Lake CPUs that popped up in Intel’s leaked CPU roadmap made their official debut at the Investor day on 8th of May.
As per Intel’s presentation, these CPUs will feature a new Xe graphics engine for enhanced graphics performance along with next-gen I/O technology.

10nm Intel Tiger Lake CPUs


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Some of the core uplifts include:

  • 3x wireless speeds on Tiger Lake(TGL) – WiFi 6 when compared to standard 11AC WiFi standard
  • 4x graphics performance when compared with 15W Whiskey Lake CPUs. Although the TGL features new and improved Xe graphics engine, the numbers seem to be a bit skewed considering the fact that both the CPUs have a different power rating
  • 2.5x – 3x AI performance when compared to 15W Ice Lake and Whiskey Lake chipsets
  • 2x productivity in slim form factors when comparing 9W Tiger Lake to 5W Amber Lake CPUs
  • 4x Encode performance when matched up 4K60 encode for Whiskey Lake with 8K60 for TGL

Apart from the key highlights, the head of Intel’s client team – Gregory Bryant claimed that Tiger Lake has a whole new architecture and can push an 8K monitor, or multiple 4K monitors credits to its new Xe graphics engine. The new 10nm Tiger Lake CPUs are expected to launch in 2020, with 4 cores and will be under the U and Y series chipsets.

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