XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard Review – A Feature-Rich Treat For Cherry MX Fans

    XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard Review

    The XPG Summoner is an RGB keyboard featuring Cherry MX mechanical key switches for fast response time. Some key features include 7 pre-defined RGB modes, magnetic wrist support, USB passthrough, and additional red keycaps to customize the keyboard. We’ve tested the keyboard extensively to find out if it is a good buy.

    XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard
    XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard

    XPG Summoner Overview

    As far as the key switches are concerned, the keyboard comes 3 Cherry MX variants (Speed Silver, Red, and Blue). The one we received came with the speed silver switches which offer linear operation and a far lower actuation point of 1.2mm (as opposed to blue – 2.2mm and red – 1.9mm). This makes the keyboard very sensitive to presses. Courtesy of the lower actuation point, I initially encountered several typos while using this keyboard. However, after a few days of use, I got used to the speed switches. The switches offer an actuation force of 45 grams, which is similar to the red variant.

    XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard pic

    The keyboard weight is just shy of 1 KG, which is typical for mechanical keyboards. The XPG Summoner is a full-sized keyboard with a dimension of 449 x 135 x 44 mm. It has a grey gunmetal finish and does not flex. The wrist support shouts premium and offers great support while typing.

    Choosing the Right Switch

    XPG Summoner Cherry MX Key Switches

    Cherry MX offers multiple colored key switches suiting different needs and choosing the right switch can get overwhelming. To make the right choice, keep these pointers in mind: The Cherry MX blue and brown switches offer tactile bump with blue being louder and more clicky than brown. If you prefer linear switches, opt for red or silver switches. Both the switches require similar actuation force but have different actuation points. The Cherry MX red typically has an actuation point of ~2mm with a force of 45g, whereas the speed silver has an actuation point of 1.2mm. If this is your first mechanical keyboard, prefer Cherry MX brown since red and speed switches are linear and miss activations will be more frequent. If you’re more into typing and do not mind loud clicking noise, go for the Cherry MX blue switches.


    XPG Summoner keyboard

    The XPG Summoner offers excellent response time. I tested the keyboard with a couple of games – DOOM and CSGO and it performed flawlessly. Apart from gaming, I also tested it for programming and the keyboard offered a wonderful experience while typing. The wrist support is a great addition to the keyboard. The support is soft and is of premium quality and adds to the wonderful typing experience on this keyboard. Apart from the wrist support, the volume roller is an underrated feature. It makes changing volume very easy and gives a strangely satisfying feel while changing volume. The red keycaps and the removal tool are a welcome addition and offer some customization to the keyboard.

    XPG Summoner


    The XPG Summoner lacks support for Cherry MX brown switches, which in my opinion offer the best of both worlds – tactile feel and gentle sound levels. The speed switches are very sensitive to presses and take a fair share of time to adjust. The MX blue variant is the only option for tactile feel but is certainly not for everyone owing to its loud nature. Apart from key switches, the keyboard offers limited RGB customization with 7 preset modes. Also, customizing the keyboard for use with macOS is very painful.


    All in all, the XPG Summoner is a great mechanical keyboard if you prefer linear switches. The wrist support adds to a great typing experience. Although the keyboard is slightly on the expensive side, you should consider the XPG Summoner while making your purchase.

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