Why Indians Should Get The iPhone XS Over The iPhone 11 Right Now

    Apple iPhone XS

    While iPhone XS may already be a year and a half old at this point but it surely doesn’t feel like it, thanks to Apple moving to a three-year design cycle. Also, the A12 Bionic is so powerful that its almost impossible to tell the performance difference when we compare it to its successor – the A13 Bionic present in the iPhone 11 series.

    Apple iPhone XS
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    Also if that’s not convincing enough the iPhone XS is now cheaper than the iPhone 11.

    More Reasons to Choose iPhone XS Over the iPhone 11

    • Superior Display-  iPhone XS features a 5.8 inch 2436 x 1125 AMOLED display with 458 pixels per inch whereas the iPhone 11 comes with a 6.1-inch sub 1080p (1792 x 828 to be precise) LCD display which has just 326 PPI.
    • Better Build Materials and Sleeker Design-  iPhone XS has a stainless steel frame which gives it a more premium feel when compared to the aluminum frame on the iPhone 11. The iPhone XS also has thinner bezels all around the screen when compared to the iPhone 11.
    • Even though iPhone 11 has the newer and faster A13 Bionic, the performance upgrade is almost negligible when compared to the A12 Bionic in the iPhone XS.
    • The telephoto camera in the iPhone XS is more valuable than an ultra wide-angle lens present in the iPhone 11 to some users.
    • iPhone XS has 3D Touch, a feature that is not even available on the iPhone 11 Pro.
    • Finally, the iPhone XS now costs Rs. 52,999 whereas the iPhone 11 will set you back by Rs. 64,900.
    • Apple iPhone XS vs 11
    • iPhone XS and iPhone 11
    • iPhone XS and iPhone 11

    The iPhone XS is set to receive iOS updates for the next coming 4 years which means that the device has still plenty of life left in it. Also, recent rumors are indicating that iPhone 12 will retain the notch as the tech required to hide the components present in the notch is still premature, which means design-wise too, the iPhone XS will hold up pretty well 2020. Also finally the Rs. 12000 price between the XS and iPhone 11 makes choosing the iPhone XS a no brainer.

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