WhatsApp Status section to become more useful as per a new leak

    WhatsApp Status

    According to a new leak, WhatsApp is planning to make its status section more useful by adding previews to links that users upload on their status. This feature is currently under development but it’s said to be rolled out soon. A preview link will provide a better look at what a person is sharing on their status.

    After releasing many features such as emoji reactions, up to two GB of file sharing, and more, the preview link can be highly beneficial for its users. This feature is already on the iOS version of WhatsApp and is expected to debut on its Android version as well.

    This is how the previews will work. Once you copy-paste any website link or source on your status, a preview link will start showing as a pop-up. The preview will further help in gaining more attraction to its users who would like to promote a certain website or share links to any video or site.

    WhatsApp Status

    In other news, WhatsApp is also said to be working on a shortcut button for any reply to a chat. It will make the user experience better and faster when one is trying to respond to a particular message as the app will soon display a new reply shortcut next to messages. Currently, you need to tap and either swipe left or right as per your settings to reply to any message.

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    Until then, new features that are already tested and rolled out can be used by its users. The new emoji reactions feature is a great update given by its developers. You can easily react to any message on WhatsApp with any 6 of the emojis given to you on the pop-up and once selected, just tap and send.

    Another great feature that is readily available is the increased file size. With up to two GB increase in file size, you can now send any videos, pictures, or documents through WhatsApp. Everything will still remain to be end-to-end encrypted, as per company claims.

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