We Happy Few Gets Day Zero Patch With 559 Fixes and Optimizations

On the eve of its release, We Happy Few just got its very first patch, promising more than 500 fixes, 559 to be exact. The patch is a lofty 7.8 GB on Steam.

The review embargo for the game lifted a few hours ago today and reviews for We Happy Few have been pouring in. Overall the game has received a mixed response. Some didn’t like the gameplay calling it sloppy while others didn’t mind and were impressed with the setting and the story. All the reviewers however agreed that the game was buggy and needed fixing.

We Happy Few

We loved the game. A good balance of seriousness and fun, We Happy Few manages to create an atmosphere with a BioShock level of goodness, and although we do agree that there are a bunch of bugs here and there, it’s nothing game-breaking.

Reviewers and media bodies who already have access to the game should be able to download the update now. The complete change-log is as follows:

  • General improvement in the AI (Spawn, Pathing, Animation)
  • Improvements in balance, drop rate, and crafting recipes
  • Multiple fixes in the save system
  • Fixed various game crash moments in Arthur’s quest “Oh Behave”
  • Fixed progression blockers in Arthur’s quest “Future Perfect”
  • Fixed progression blockers in Arthur’s quest “Britannia”
  • Fixed progression blockers in Arthur’s quest “Rorke’s Drift Bridge”
  • Fixed an often crash caused when generating a map for a new game
  • Ollie’s main quests and side quests now give sufficient skill points to unlock all skills
  • Cutscene now triggers properly for Sally’s quest “Gland of Hope and Glory”
  • Arthur can now target Parade Wellies
  • Fixed a rare startup crash

We Happy Few releases tomorrow on the PS4, Xbox One and the PC.

Read our review here:

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