Top 10 Smartphones Of 2019 so far


    2019 so far has been the year of the smartest Smartphones. The technology is advancing, and we see wonders every day in the field of gadgetry. So, if you are on the lookout for the best phones, you are at the right place. To help you through the hunt, we have listed our top picks for the Smartphones you should buy this year.

    Google Pixel 3

    If you aren’t a stickler for the iPhone, then Google Pixel 3 is for you! The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are undoubtedly the best phones you can have your hands on. Leaving all the rivals behind, these phones have the best cameras, so you know you have your selfie game strong. They have good battery life, so you don’t have to run to the power socket after every few hours. The hardware is the best for any Google phone till date, and it is waterproof too. It can also be charged wirelessly. What more do you want?

    Price:From $799 or 58,000INR

    OnePlus 6T

    OnePlus is upping its game every year. It has a glass construction that makes you wanna get your hands on this delicate yet strong Smartphone right away. The cameras on this phone have given the rivals a run for their money. It is reasonably priced and has lightning quick performance, which is what everyone wants these days. The display is also bright, and the 10GB RAM is sufficient for your use. Though it does not offer wireless charging and waterproofing like its competitors, being moderately priced is what has given this phone a smart edge over the others.

    Price:From $549 or 34,999INR

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

    Need we say more? The most exciting Smartphone of the recent past has everything best included in it. The best Galaxy phone ever, S10 has a solid build, sharp display, and excellent cameras. Its performance is super steady and fast. The only drawbacks that make this phone not get the top spot are its slightly subpar battery performance and the huge price tag that comes with it. However the triple rear cameras, the foldable feature and the screen somehow make up for those, if you are ready to invest that much on a Smartphone.

    Price: From $999 or 73,900INR

    Huawei P30 Pro

    The cameras are what intrigues the buyers these days the most. Yes, social media has that effect. The P30 is a lot similar to the other P20 versions, but Huawei’s software could have been better this time. But the cameras make up for all the other shortcomings. The extraordinary low light performance and an outstanding 10x optical zoom have given Huawei the edge it needed with this phone. The battery is the unique selling point as well.

    Price:£899 (unavailable in USA) Or 71,999INR

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro

    Another Huawei makes it to the list again. It is an indicator that the company has decided to take the Smartphone world by storm. With a large OLED screen, the triple cameras have given this phone a new edge. It has a great battery life, and the software is finally improved. AI features are also integrated with the camera, hence enhancing the entire experience. It also offers reverse wireless charging, which means you can charge other phones with it as well. If the 128GB, stereo speakers and waterproof built are to be believed, we think you can use this phone for a good three years.

    Price:Approx. $750 or from 64,990INR

    iPhone XS

    We know the iPhone lovers were waiting for this addition to the list. Apple’s flagship iPhone’s second installation is one of the most expensive phones. The secure Face ID unlock system has once again given Apple a strong front in the security battleground. The OLED display is nothing less than a wonder too. The performance of this phone is unbeatable and doesn’t leave anything to be desired. If you are a die-hard iPhone fan, then skip all the options in the list and choose this!

    Price: From $999 or 95,999INR

    BHonor View 20

    When we got onto this list, we decided to keep it as diverse as possible. Not just the diversity, but it is giving the due credit where necessary. Honor View 20 hence succeeds in making its place. It was the first phone with a punch-hole camera to be released in the West. It is also the first to offer a 48MP rear camera. The 4000mAh battery, the outstanding processor and the performance are all cherries on the top.

    Price:From $480 or 40,000INR

    iPhone XR

    The rating of it can be disputed, as it is the best iPhone for the people right now. It is also one of the best phones in the general category too. If you consider the price tag, it is a bit more affordable than the other iPhones as well. It has the same features as the XS other than the one camera and LCD screen. It has a bigger screen than the XS as well. The battery life of this phone is great, and you get a variety of colors to choose from as well.

    Price:From $749 or 58,500INR

    Xiaomi Mi8 Pro

    The price steals our heart. With almost the same specifications as the other phones in the list, this one has a much lesser price tag. The transparent design of this phone is attractive, and the fast performance only adds to the charm. The cameras and the on-screen fingerprint sensors are just another addition to its greatness.

    Price:From $469.99 or 33,900INR

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9

    Combine the award-worthy design of the Note 8 with some of the best specifications and a fantastic build, and you get Note 9. The 4000mAh battery is the elephant in the room but the fingerprint scanner, stereo speakers and the excellent cameras are the highlights as well. The only drawback is that just like iPhone XS it will leave a dent in your pocket too.

    Price: From $999 or 67,900INR

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