The Last of Us Part 2: ‘Inside The Gameplay’ With Devs

    The Last of Us 2
    The Last of Us 2

    Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and Developer Naughty Dog have released the latest developer diary for The Last of Us Part II, which gives us a closer look at the gameplay.

    “The Last of Us Part II is by far the largest and most ambitious game we’ve ever made and there will be so much for you to dig into when it arrives on June 19th,” said Scott Lowe, Senior Communications Manager, Naughty Dog. “Leading up to launch, we’re releasing a brand new series of videos breaking down key aspects of the game.”

    This new series features interviews with the Naughty Dog team discussing the design, technology, and ideas that have shaped the development of the game over the last six years.

    Last week we got an insight into the storyline. Incase you missed that, have a look:

    Here’s what to expect to see next:

    • May 13th: Inside the Story
    • May 20th: Inside the Gameplay
    • May 27th: Inside the Details
    • June 3rd: Inside the World

    The Last of Us Part 2 comes out this June 19 on the PS4, most likely followed by a PS5 launch sometime in the future. Also surprisingly, the game’s Collector’s Edition will be launching in India at a lower price than the US, although still costing you a whopping Rs. 10,999.

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