Time Travel :Two ways to Fulfill your Doctor Who Fantasies


    The world has been wondering if Time Travel is possible for decades now. However, while the world was deciding whether it’s possible or not, Einstein came up with a way of doing it. For all of you who think time behaves a certain way.

    People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear, non subjective point of view it is more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey-wimey…stuff

    Actually, I wouldn’t go out so far to say that, but it certainly doesn’t behave quite the way we think it does. Over a 100 years ago, Einstein showed everybody how one can travel into future. Most physicists would agree that time traveling into the future is definitely possible. But…Past? Not so much. The idea of traveling to the past doesn’t sit well with most scientists. Traveling into the future is easy, get a spaceship and you’re good to go (read fine-print: spaceship that travels at nearly the speed of light) . Einstein had proved that by hopping into a spaceship, going into space, taking a U turn and returning to Earth would get you to future. That is to say, if you took 6 months to reach a point, and 6 more to return from there, you’d be a year older. However, your twin brother would probably be long gone.

    Time travel jokeWhat this means is, time on earth was passing a lot more fast than it was, for you. There’s one more way through which this can be achieved: Blackholes. Yes, they are not just space vacuum cleaners. If you were to circle a black hole, time would move a lot more slower for you, than it would for your fellow earth mates. As was shown in Interstellar, when Cooper circles the Black hole called Gargantua, every hour spent there is equivalent to 7 earth years. By the time he reaches Earth, his daughter is already on her deathbed, because of old age. So theoretically, he reached his daughter’s future. Mind you, not his own future. I can write an entire article appreciating interstellar but more on that later.

    Time travel in the real world isn’t quite like what they show in movies. You can’t really take a sneak peek at your own future. Not just that, traveling into past is unheard of too. People have tried proving ways of traveling to the past. However, everytime scientists look into details, they seem to be right at the edge of the laws of physics. One such way, was by introducing wormholes- Something introduced by Albert Einstein.

    What a wormhole looks like

    Essentially, wormholes are tunnels in space that displace you from a point A to B in a matter of few seconds. That isn’t to say it can’t be used for traveling in time. How, you might ask. If you were to manipulate the opening of a wormhole such that one of them is hanging out near a black hole, and the other is on a high speed journey, time wouldn’t tick at the same rate. By using that wormhole, you will have not just traveled in space, but in time too! One way, it’s past, the other, future. But who are we kidding, we don’t even know if wormholes exist. The whole concept of traveling to the past stands on a theory. Time travel to the future, definitely possible.

    Time travel space ship
    Time traveling Space Ship: TARDIS

    So what are you waiting for? Get a police box and hop on, entire eras are waiting to be lived by you!

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