The Simplest Practice To Lower The Risk Of Dementia


    Dementia describes symptoms that affect memory, thinking and social abilities that interfere with daily activities. Dementia should not be confused with Alzheimer’s as dementia is an umbrella term that Alzheimer’s disease can fall under. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that destroys memory capacity and other mental functions.

    A study found that people with high genetic risk and poor lifestyle were about three times more likely to develop dementia than those with low genetic risk and good habits. It affects around fifty million people around the globe, with nearly ten million new cases every year. According to the World Health Organisation, it is set to triple by 2050.

    An artist’s interpretation of dementia

    In India alone, around four million people are estimated to be affected by dementia. New studies, however, hold some hope for those who may be at risk. It is found that whatever the genetic risk of a person is; a good diet, exercise and no smoking can make dementia less likely.

    John Haga of the US National Institute Of Ageing said, “I consider that good news. No one can guarantee you’ll escape this awful disease but its risks can be reduced by clean living”.

    Healthy diet to reduces the chances of dementia

    “Genetics is not your destiny and there are some lifestyle measures you can embrace to reduce the risk of developing Dementia”, said Dr Gayatri Devi, a renowned neurologist. A healthy lifestyle can lower the risk of developing dementia even if you have genes that can raise the risk of these mind-destroying diseases. Studies have found that living healthy with a good diet and regular exercise may help people in reducing the chances of Dementia. Following are some of the ways to cut down the risk of same-

    1) Getting adequate sleep.
    2) Controlling and monitoring stress levels.
    3) Exercising daily for a minimum period of thirty minutes.
    4) Reducing the consumption of sugar and processed carbohydrates.
    5) Eating healthy fats like Omega- 3 fatty acids, found in eggs, fish, olive oil and coconut oil.
    6) Restricting the intake of alcohol and cigarette.

    While these are broad measures to increase your chances of staying away from this concerning condition, it really does come down to the individual to make conscious decisions in alignment with their body. We tend to meticulously cater to our material products. Why not do the same for your body?

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