The Finest Fitness Earphones For The Fitness Freak In You

    Bose, Edwin

    Here’s a list of the latest gadgets that could accompany you in your fitness journey to achieve that hourglass figure everybody wishes for. Get motivated & revamp up your activewear this new year while working towards that dream body you have always wanted!

    Aftershokz Aeropex

    It’s time to be benevolent and appreciate someone’s exercise habits this coming new year. The $160 Aftershokz Aeropex bone-conduction headphones ticks a lot of boxes. This lightweight Bluetooth headset provides a way to listen to workout-motivating tunes while keeping ears open to the surroundings. It works exceptionally well for biking and running. Beware, make sure you’re not gifting this gadget to someone who loves their music loud, as they do have certain trade-offs, and quality deteriorates in noisy surroundings. If you know someone who’s an avid swimmer, you may want to consider the new Xtrainerz model, with 4GB of onboard storage (no Bluetooth) and a fully waterproof construction aimed at phone-free and immersive sports (they come with earplugs).

    Apple Watch Series 5

    Apple’s fifth-generation watch is authentically like a traditional watch. With an inbuilt compass in the new model, it is all the more intriguing and easily wearable outdoors. It has all the health-monitoring features like fall detection, heart rate tracker with an ECG for the people with cardiac issues. Even for the fitness enthusiasts, the Series 5 automatically offers to log runs, walk and other workouts when it detects sustained movement . You can customize it to your personal taste, with their wide range of colorful bands and straps. A bit expensive but easily the best all-around smartwatch, with a fantastic selection of apps and features.

    Beats PowerBeats Pro

    The Powerbeats Pro is the finest wireless workout headphones on the block. Beats’ first truly wireless buds can easily be the best way to work out this season. The fit and classic design ensure the buds stay put instead of falling out when someone hits the treadmill. The Powerbeats Pro has four different colors to choose from and it requires a lightning cable for charging.

    Soul Run Free Pro Bio

    Happen to know a budding athlete who could do with some motivation, running tips and some music to keep their mind off the pain? The Run Free Pro Bio is the perfect stop for them. The headphones provide wireless audio that’s clear and impactful: ideal for that mile-four perk-up. The main attraction is the built-in AI personal trainer whose job is not only to give a motivational message but also be equipped with sensors that measure altitude, head angle, maximum force, the data of all which is then presented back to the customer as practical ways to improve their form. 

    Xiaomi Mi Band 4       

    When it comes to attracting the buyers, the Mi Band series of fitness trackers have one major selling point: price. Sold at $35, the fourth iteration continues to keep things affordable and stylish. Despite the low price, there are still some premium features here, including a color display and 24-hour heart-rate monitoring. The device even tracks your swimming, it definitely is a novelty at this price. In addition, there’s a wide range of colors to suit the recipient’s style including an Avengers special edition for any Marvel fans looking to get in shape for the new year.

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