The 7 Most Popular Video Games On YouTube


    Over the past few years, the video sharing platform Youtube has seen a huge increase in gaming videos. The topic has been so popular with the viewers that it has seen the release of a whole new app just for itself. Here we’ll cover some of the most popular ones on the platform. Keep in mind that the list is strictly based on the number of videos a particular game has gotten as a topic which includes streams, walkthroughs, reviews, e-sports and the like. Let’s get to it

    1. Minecraft (53.53 billion)

    Yes, Minecraft. I was pretty surprised when I discovered Minecraft to be the most viewed video-game. Digging deeper the surprise didn’t last long as I forayed into the huge video library and got introduced to the demographic for these videos. The games seem to be popular with everyone from kids who’ve barely hit puberty making videos on their mom’s mac to full fledged gamers who actually do this as a job.

    The video content is varied and ranges from video stream uploads, to click bait god mods leading you to completely made-up game mechanics. It’s not just first hand videos that are popular. Narration channels have also jumped on the bandwagon and churned out Minecraft compilation videos like cheap candy. All these videos give the topic enough views to make it the most popular video game in a totally undisputed contest

    2. Grand Theft Auto V (12.85 Billion)

    With all the hype surrounding the game when it came out and the massive open world opportunities it offers, it’s understandable that it stands near the top when it comes to popularity. It does however make you wonder how it still manages to get beat by Minecraft. Well, Minecraft has had a five year head start after all and more varied age-demographic.

    The videos usually consist of a lot of odd shots that are either hilarious, come under the banner “fail” or “win” and the like all compiled into a nice collection. There are also a good number of videos demonstrating stuff like game mechanics, hidden Easter eggs along with mission walkthroughs and tutorials regarding the absolute massive world of GTA V. Modding is also a pretty popular topic.

    3. Garry’s Mod (6.78 Billion)

    Garry’s Mod has always been loved by the community due to the sheer freedom that it allows. As the name indicates, the specialty of Garry’s Mod is what it’s most famous for and what gets featured the most in videos: the mods. From popular video game characters to star wars machinery, the potential is endless for this game.

    As such it is no wonder there exist a lot of tutorials, gameplay demos and plain old mod flaunting regarding it on Youtube.

    4. Happy Wheels (2.88 Billion)

    This is a ragdoll physics based platform browser game and is very popular with streamers due to the the some dark comedic hilarity it provides. Most content based around this game is pretty much a whole slew of screen-records for different levels played through from start to finish with a smattering or ranking videos thrown in for good measure.

    Overall the game is pretty fun to play and I’d even recommend it as it is still considered one of the best games to play.

    5. Roblox (2.72 Billion)

    As we’ve seen with the trend here, Roblox is by and large a very diverse game. It allows players to design their very own games and also play games created by other players through Roblox studio. As such it stands to reason that the game is suitably popular with a very wide demographic.

    Videos on Roblox are usually of the showy variety. That is to say it’s full of people trying to show off a game they’ve designed or some unique game line they’ve developed and subsequently played. Again, the hugely diverse nature of the game lends a lot of credence to its popularity and it’s pretty common to see re-uploaded twitch streams of rather eye catching moments in the game.

    6. The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim (1.95 Billion)

    With it’s massive open world and large online community, this RPG is one of the most popular games worldwide. Not only does it provide one with nigh unlimited quests, the mods available for the game make it one of the most customizable platforms ever.

    All these features have seen to it that the game receives a high popularity among the video sharing community. From people showing off their unique mods to excitedly sharing a never seen before quest, the video base is sure expansive. Videos geared towards collecting artifacts and tutorials regarding quests are also pretty common. The soundtracks associated with the game are also quite popular and see a lot of mentions everywhere.

    7. Terraria (1.58 Billion)

    You might not have heard of this one but this 2D action-adventure sandbox video game is a gem. While it has a huge community it is mostly quiet and keeps to itself, though it is no less dedicated.

    The charm for this game comes from the almost vintage look it provides and the effort it takes to get good at it. Subsequently, Youtube is full of guides explaining almost everything regarding the game, from beginner, needs to hardcore experiments.

    Conclusion: So there we have it, the 7 most popular games on youtube. I’m sure there are gonna be major upheavals in it in the next few years with the growing Youtube community and the sheer number of games being released nowadays. Tell us your thoughts on the list, was there any game you thought should have been in the list ? Let us know in the comments.

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