Tablet sales Rise by up to 19 percent in Q3 2019, Apple in the Lead


    Tablets are in again. Digitimes has reported earlier that Q3 2019 saw global tablet sales increase by nearly 20 percent. This might not be a systematic increase, though. According to their report, Q3 is peak season, coinciding with the arrival of new iPads. Moreover, after the particular soup its been in, Huawei’s also resumed normal tablet sales.

    There was a significant decline in tablet sales in Q2, though. This was attributed both to the lack of new iPad models and the effect of the US trade war on Huawei’s shipments. So the question is, who’s selling tablets right now?

    Apple is firmly in the first place, trailed by both Samsung and Amazon, with its Fire tablet range. Huawei pips Lenovo to take fourth place which is a good place for them to be, considering the far-ranging impact of deteriorating US-China relations and how they’ve been caught in the crossfire of late.

    What size of tablets are people buying? Tablets in the 10-inch range remain the most popular, with fewer people buying into smaller form factor 7-inchers like they used to. However, despite the high volume and large screen-size, most tablets in the market have fairly pedestrian specs:

    Outside of Apple iPads with their industry-leading SoCs, Mediatek is currently player number two with respect to tablet SoC sales. The value chipmaker is known for cheap, but poor-performing SoCs and it appears that, at least in the Android tablet market, Mediatek continues to dominate. It’ll be interesting to see how the expected new iPad announcement next month will affect sales. We’ll keep you posted.

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