Google Stadia Makes Its Way To iPhones And iPads With A Clever Workaround

    Google Stadia
    Google Stadia

    We all know about Apple’s rigorous App Store policies, and who doesn’t remember the ugly Epic fight. Also, it’s the reason why Facebook’s gaming app doesn’t have games on iPhone or iPads and also why cloud gaming apps can’t make their way to iOS or iPadOS. However, because of certain workarounds it seems like Google has figured it out just like Amazon did it with Luna.

    Google Stadia

    Just like Amazon’s Luna, the Google Stadia is now available for iPhones and iPads through a web application that can be accessed using Safari on your iPhone or iPad running on iOS or iPadOS 14.3.

    How to use Stadia on iOS or iPadOS?

    Google Stadia

    If you’re interested in trying out Stadia on your iPhone or iPad, then you can head to Then log in to your Google account, then add the Stadia icon to the home screen, and voila! Open it whenever you want just like any other app.

    Google’s support page for Stadia on iOS mentions that the iOS support is still under development so some features might not be available for the moment or may not function properly.

    The best thing about Stadia being available on iOS is that you can play CyberPunk 2077 on your iPhone or iPad, and it’s better than playing it on consoles.

    Google’s game streaming service Stadia was announced earlier this year and it has evolved a lot, from being a buggy platform to presenting a buggy game in its best form.

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