SSD Prices Expected to Fall Below Rs.7 Per GB by the end of 2019


    There is some good news for those of you planning to buy some SSD storage later this year, as Trendforce, a division of DRAMeXchange has made a welcome prediction this week. Its market analysts predict that SSD prices are going to hit an all-time low of by the end of the year, with the price of each GB dropping below $0.10 (or Rs.7).

    SSD Prices
    Toshiba XG6 96-layer 3D NAND SSD.

    The reason is that Trendforce has been observing an oversupply of NAND and the SSD suppliers have instigated a price war to clear their stocks. Average contract prices for 512GB and 1TB SSDs are expected to fall below US$0.1 or INR 7 per GB by the end of 2019. This will most likely result in 512GB SSDs replacing their 128GB counterparts.


    Trendforce also points out that laptops have already passed the 50 percent milestone for SSD adoption in 2018 itself and also predicts that it’ll grow to somewhere between 60 and 65 percent by the end of 2019.

    SSD Prices
    Source: TrendForce

    In brief, if you are planning to make the shift to SSDs we suggest waiting for a couple of months as you might just be able to grab a more capacious drive for the same amount of money.    

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    1. This will only happen outside India.
      Not a single price of PC components are reducing in India.
      Ryzen 2600 still costs same as it used to during launch.

    2. I just bought 500GB ssd few days back.. Damn !

      There used to be a time when AMD was much budget friendly and now it even worse than Intel with high ryzen and it’s motherboard prices..

      • Ryzen 2600 is as low as 148$ in US and in India it still at 235$..

        I have been waiting for past 3 months for ryzen 3600 and it will hit market in July..By seeing prices of 2nd gen there is no expectation of price drop or agressive price of 3rd gen ..

        Seems like i5 9400f is all the to go for it’s price..

    3. true , nothing ever gets cheap in india instead new components are launched at alarming prices to make us feel the previous gen is on discount lol.infact newegg cant be trusted in buying from india they have a separate link newegg global with decent prices (not as low though ) but thanks to the everlasting corrupted govts everything costs almost 2x times .

    4. You morons there are a lot of things that required attention instead of fighting over this that is actually a premium product in comparison to HDD why don’t you just go for that . Stop complaining about govt. we are a part of society and you too have a lot of problems. Things will catch up definitely in a better way for India wait and watch.. Stop complaining .

      • lol i get your point , all do , but these issues are to be addressed by the government and government alone and “why dont you go for that” if that was true i wouldn’t even have read this post and ssd are becoming very common these days lets see gamers ke liye achee din kab aayenge ? .

        • I hope it will be faster than what we are expecting :p 😀
          But seriously if they start manufacturing this in India we can expect something similar to what is happening in China buy anything at low prices.
          It will be a win win situation for Gamers.

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