More Details on Sony’s Secret Uncharted Game Emerge – In Development Since 2018

We’ve heard rumours regarding a new Uncharted game by Sony’s new San Diego studio for quite a while now, and they only seem to be gaining more traction. A new job listing, as well as a LinkedIn profile entry, may have provided more evidence to the development of a new Uncharted game.

The new job posting by Sony PlayStation Visual Arts Service Group (based in San Diego) points to hiring for “the next chapter of cinematic story-telling.” Aside fom this, a new Linkedin post entry on (Senior Director of Visual Arts at PlayStation World Wide) Michael Mumbauer’s profile has the following – “His latest achievement is having built a brand new, all-star, AAA Action/Adventure development team for Playstation. Based in San Diego and utilizing proprietary engine technology, this team was assembled to expand upon existing franchises and craft all-new stories for the next generation of gamers.”

Roberto Serrano has compiled pieces of information regarding this new project with key points being that it’s been in development for over 3 years and is another 3rd person action-adventure game.

Adding fuel to fire, Mumbauer has linked a video from Youtuber RobinGaming which also points to a new Uncharted entry in the works.

Regardless, we’ve known about the San Diego team for quite a while now, even though Sony has not publicly announced its existence. With the phenomenal of PlayStation 5 behind us, Sony has made it clear that they will be doubling down on the number and frequency of PS5 exclusives in this coming generation. In just the PS5’s first year we’ve gotten Demon’s Souls, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, with Horizon: Forbidden West, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and a new God of War title on the way.

It only makes sense that Sony would give the reigns of Uncharted, one of their biggest franchises, to another studio so Naughty Dog can keep working on The Last of Us and/or a new IP. Regardless, Sony is bound to announce the game sooner rather than later, with a 2022 release date not being unrealistic.

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