PlayStation Studios Announced as New Brand For All PlayStation Exclusive Games

    PlayStation Studios
    PlayStation Studios

    Sony has now announced ‘PlayStation Studios’ as the new brand that’ll cover all PlayStation exclusives going forward. You can check out the opening animation below:

    Taking a page from Marvel Studios’, it seems like all upcoming PlayStation exclusive games will include the slick animation at the start of the games and their marketing going forward. After all, Sony has a great track record when it comes to their exclusives, and was the main reason for their victory in the console wars this generation.

    “We are really excited about this. Over the last few years — and even the last decade — the strength of the titles coming out from our studios has been stronger than ever. We have been thinking about how we unite all of these great games under one brand, and really the purpose of that is to make the consumer understand that, when they see this brand, they’re getting ready for a robust, innovative, deep experience that they’ve come to expect from games coming from PlayStation. So we came up with PlayStation Studios.” – said Eric Lempel, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment to

    It seems like Sony is finally starting to ramp up its marketing campaign for the PS5. The PlayStation brand is well known for its excellent lineup of exclusives, and PlayStation Studios puts a spotlight on that. But before we get to the PS5, SIE still has The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima pending their release on the PS4.

    And now, the wait for PS5’s official reveal begins…

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