Single Core Intel Icelake CPU with Gen11 UHD Graphics Coming?


    It’s that time of the year when Intel’s NDA becomes dysfunctional and we start seeing info about unreleased products left and right. I’ve already covered 3-4 leaks about Intel’s upcoming 10th Generation chip lineup since morning. One was an SiSoft listing, one Geekbench and the third was from GFXBench. Now, another Icelake part has been spotted by TUM_APISAK and momomo_us which is also an i5, albeit with slightly higher clock speed. This one is the Core i5-1035G4 while the other product that we had reported about earlier is the i5-1035G1. The latter was clocked at 1.19GHz while the former is running at 1.5GHz in the test. The rest of the specs are identical. Since Intel’s naming scheme has gotten more than ridiculous at this point and keeps changing with every successive generation, it’s hard to say whether they will be one single chip or different variants of it.

    Intel Icelake CPU

    This time around, both the Geekbench as well as the SiSoft scores have been leaked. Compared to the Comet Lake-U part, this one is a lower performance part with seemingly just one core. As already explained a single core CPU is highly improbable, and most likely the other cores have been disabled for testing. This Icelake based i5 gets a single core score of 2351 points and a similar multi-core score as well (due to GB detecting just one core/thread). This is quite a bit lesser than most modern mobile chips, and I believe the clocks will be increased significantly by the time of release. It’ll also be a 15W part for ultrabooks and other low power mobile devices, and considering the upload date, it’ll be safe to say that we’ll see this product at Intel’s Computex press conference.


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    Intel Icelake CPU

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