Redmi K20 Pro Price Leaked For The Indian Market

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For those have you who’ve been dying to know how much the upcoming Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro would cost in India, you’re in luck. The pricing for the Indian variants has been purportedly leaked.

The much hyped Redmi K20 Pro

The Redmi K20 Pro supposedly starts at 24,999 INR for the base variant (6+64GB) and maxes out at 29,999 INR for the top spec model with 8 gigs of RAM and 256 GB of ROM. Detailed variant wise price break-up can be found below.

  • 6+64GB – INR 24,999
  • 6+128GB – INR 25,999
  • 8+128GB – INR 27,999
  • 8+256GB – INR 29,999

Considering that this price is almost equivalent to the Yuan to Rupee conversion of the Chinese variant, this is most definitely a piece of credible information. At this price-tag, the Redmi K20 Pro will prove to give stiff competition to the OnePlus 7 and the Asus ZenFone 6Z by undercutting their price-tags significantly while having almost the same specs. It’s time to start saving up y’all, especially since the base variant seems to be an amazing value proposition. For now, keep yourselves busy till the official launch on the 17th of July.

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