Kernel Source Released For The Realme X – Custom ROMs Galore!


    Realme seems to be taking all the right steps in the Indian market! In a swift move that’ll be hailed amongst custom ROM connoisseurs alike, Realme has released the kernel sources for the Realme X to the general public!

    Kernel sources are now out for the Realme X!

    They didn’t just stop there. The Chinese startup went a step further and released the bootloader unlock tool and a step by step side guide on their site to guide you. Surprisingly, following these steps will not void your warranty which is a bit of news that developers around the world will welcome with open arms. There is a catch however. Realme has explicitly stated that unlocking the bootloader will not only erase all your data (duhh), it’ll downgrade your Widevine L1 certification to an inferior L3 certification. Basically this will bottleneck you from streaming videos in full-HD on popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

    Realme is doing a good job with developer resources.

    Whatever the gremlins are with this move this is truly a Hail Mary for the developer community at large. Releasing kernel sources allows for developers to go crazy with designing custom ROMs for this device which already has quite the fan following in India. Obviously geeks will now throng to the phone with aspirations of modding this phone to their personal taste.

    Hopefully Realme continues in OnePlus’ footsteps.

    Hopefully Realme continues pleasing their target audience in this fashion. Companies like OnePlus grew only because of their dedication towards enabling developers. Unfortunately that’s now a thing of that past, and now if Realme can emulate OnePlus’ prior commitment I’m damn sure the average geeky customer will thank them for it a thousand times over!

    As and when we get updates regarding the Realme X’s Android Q release timeline as well the upcoming Realme OS, we’ll be sure to keep you informed! Till then stay tuned to Techquila for more tech updates just like this one!

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